Yazidi women by thousand were captured and slaughtered by Daesh due to attack on Northern Iraq three years ago.

“For Daesh, Yazidi’s women are merchandise. When Daesh retreated (due to anti-Daesh forces), they carry valuables, such as gold and cash, and women”.

“The women they arrested were also taken away, and in the former district of Daesh, we did not find many prisoners because you can sell women,” said Dr. Mirza Dinnayi.

Dinnayi traced and met Yazidi’s escaped women. They were treated and taken to shelters in Germany or to other countries in Europe.

Unlike Dinnayi, Abu Shuja needs to spend money to free Yazidi’s women who were captured and slaughtered by Daesh. In other words, he ‘bought’ the woman Yazidi he wants to release.

The process involves negotiations on prices and if agreed, he will meet the militants of Daesh in Syria and make payments and then bring the women.

“Yazidi’s women price ranges from US $ 7,000 to US $ 15,000 (or about RM30,021.62-RM64,411.15),” Abu Shuja said.

Meanwhile, commenting on the issue, Abu Shuja said he refused that what he did was just as helpful to the Daesh group.

“Money from ‘buying and selling’ women Yazidi never entered the organization’s pockets or to their leaders,” he said.

According to Shuja, many Daesh members who want to run away and leave Daesh power.

“Buying a woman is a big mistake. If the leader of Daesh knows, the culprit can be punished,” said Abu Shuja.

It was reported that the number of Yazidi women captured by Daesh reached between 2,000 and 4,000.

The Yazidi group is a Kurdish language and lives in the Mosul area of northern Iraq, with other communities in Transkaukasia, Armenia, Turkey and Syria.

They practice Yazidism and believe in God as the creator of nature.


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