After coming to Malaysia for a business meeting in Kuala Lumpur or a holiday in Redang, what do you do with all the leftover currency that is jingling in your pocket? As a frequent traveller to many foreign destinations on AirAsia flights, you now have the option of trading your leftover notes and coins on the WorldKoins platform for WorldKoins credit that can be used to shop online.

WorldKoins is a mobile app operated by Appykoins Sdn. Bhd., which allows leftover currency to be converted to eGift cards and vouchers, which can be used to shop online from mobile phones.

WorldKoins is working in collaboration with AirAsia to offer this service to all travellers who fly on board selected flights from Kuala Lumpur. This six-months pilot programme offers guests on AirAsia the option to convert Malaysian Ringgit-denominated currency into WorldKoins credits that can be used to shop at various participating merchants such as Lazada, Grab, Skype, iTunes, Google Play, Facebook, transfer to PayPal or even donate to selected charity organisations.

Martijn Langhout, Co-Founder of Worldkoins

Martijn Langhout, Co-Founder of WorldKoins said that the app offers travellers to make full use of leftover currency, especially when they are in small amounts.

“It is usually very hard to exchange small amounts of currency at the money changers, and WorldKoins is a great avenue to help travellers use that leftover money in a more meaningful way,” said Martijn Langhout.

“We are pleased to partner with AirAsia on this six-months pilot programme which ends in April next year, to allow their travellers on board the flights to exchange their Ringgit denominated leftover monies into credits directly through on board smartphones. AirAsia crew at selected flights will inform travellers on the availability of this service and help them to register as part of their value-added service to enhance convenience for their guests,” said Martijn Langhout.

Siegtraund Teh, AirAsia Group Chief Commercial Officer said, “We are thrilled to be the first airline to partner with WorldKoins as we are always looking for ways to provide better value to our guests. The partnership will further strengthen our offerings and ensure continuous seamless travel experience for our guests as they can now maximise their unspent currency. We also hope to make this service available in all flights after reviewing the pilot stage.”

AirAsia cabin crew will help travellers on board the selected AirAsia (AK coded) flights to join the WorldKoins platform by keying in the relevant information such as the mobile numbers and the amount to be deposited into their device. Travellers will then receive an SMS to activate their account and after 72 hours, they can start conducting transactions on the WorldKoins app where they can check their WorldKoins balance and redeem various e-gift cards, discount vouchers, convert to PayPal credits, or donate to charity.

WorldKoins is looking to grow opportunities and an expansion of its collection partners with commercial traveller facing players in the airline, airport, travel, and tourism operations industries.

About AppyKoins Sdn Bhd

Incorporated in Malaysia, AppyKoins Sdn Bhd developed WorldKoins, a uniquely innovative and scalable platform offering travellers and users around the world a solution to making full use of leftover foreign currency notes and coins.

The service revolves around a freely downloadable mobile application (available both on iOS and Android) through which collection partners such as AirAsia can collect leftover currencies.  This can then be used to either make a donation or redeem items in an online marketplace with a large selection of eGift cards, vouchers and discount codes from a growing base of merchants from different brands.


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