British computer security researcher branded a hero after defeating the “WannaCry” ransomware onslaught was in US custody on Thursday.

Marcus Hutchins, aka “Malwaretech,” was charged of creating malware to attack banks.

Hutchins was in Las Vegas, attending a major Def Con hacker security conference over the weekend. Twitter postings from other security researchers said he was arrested as he prepared to fly back to Britain.

The indictment accuses Hutchins and another individual of making and distributing Kronos “banking Trojan,” a malicious software stealing valuable information related to online financial transactions.

The activity as being from July 2014 to July of the following year.

He was part of a conspiracy to distribute the hacking tool on so-called dark markets, according to the indictment signed last month by US Attorney Gregory Haanstad.

Hutchins was hailed as a hero in May for triggering the “kill switch” for a WannaCry ransomware attack that was spreading around the world, locking away data on computers in return demanding money for its release. — AFP


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