Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib’s Tun Abd Razak’s weekend statement that UMNO is still strong reflects the rakyat’s continuing trust in the party that has been governing Malaysia since independence and become the country’s political symbol until the present day.

As a Malay-based political party inspired by the late Dato’ Onn Jaafar and formed way back before independence in 1946, UMNO has always governed the country in good spirit despite growing criticisms against the Government and its leaders as a way to influence the people’s perception and to defeat the administration in the next general election slated for 2018.

By far, UMNO has never failed in its promises to care for the rakyat’s well-being and to bring social and economic development to the country, which can be realized today. Through a coalition with the other non-Malay parties, in particular the major parties like MCA and MCA, UMNO has managed to uphold national unity and respect for one another’s religion. The Government took pains to ensure political stability in a multi-racial country like Malaysia.

The people should realize that the Government has in reality never neglected their interests. Look around and see how their life-styles in Malaysia have improved on a large scale compared to other developing countries. We should therefore be grateful, not pointing fingers at UMNO or its coalition partners for any shortcomings which sometimes could be accepted and avoided in future. UMNO is not only helping the Malays but it is also taking care of the other communities’ interests in the areas of education, health and agriculture to ensure that the people have access to better education, health, employment and most important, enough food to eat to sustain their livelihoods.

In conclusion, Najib is making sincere efforts to convince the rakyat of his party’s struggle. He wants the people to trust the present administration and not to be swayed by the opposition whose intention is only to win the next election. The opposition itself is in disarray over issues that they cannot agree upon due to some parties wanting to preserve their own interest.


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