UMNO is now holding its 2017 annual general assembly. Is UMNO still relevant?
What has UMNO done for the rakyat?
Let’s take a look.

UMNO responsible in securing independence from the British
Like it or not, it cannot be denied that UMNO was responsible in securing our country’s independence from the British.
Without UMNO, we will never know what will happen to us in 1957.
Led by the late Tunku Abdul Rahman, not every party can achieve what UMNO has done.
UMNO is a party which fights for our rights, welfare, independence and the future of the country.

UMNO will uphold the rights of the Malays
Without a doubt, only UMNO can uphold the rights of the Malays.
UMNO is known to be instrumental in looking after the welfare of the Malays and will continue to do so.
Ever since 1955, no political party looked after the Malays but UMNO.
UMNO will champion the rights of the Malays for as long as it can.

UMNO will defend Islam
Islam has been attacked by various parties from all sides inside and outside the country over the past few years.
Only UMNO can defend Islam from being attacked by outsiders.
This is important because 60 percent of the country’s population are Muslims.
Islam is sacred in this country and any efforts to tarnish its image will lead to instability in the country.

UMNO-led government will continue to provide political stability
For the past several decades, UMNO has provided political stability to the country.
Together with other parties under Barisan Nasional banner, UMNO is able to work together with other parties to achieve political stability.
This is no mean feat as Malaysia is multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious.
UMNO is able to administer the country well and avoid any disturbances among the people.
Political stability is very important as it allows the rakyat to work and earn an income.

UMNO led government will continue to provide economic success
Under UMNO’s stewardship, the country’s economy has grown by leaps and bounds.
From a poor agricultural country, Malaysia is now one of the world’s top 20 trading nations.
Malaysia has achieved numerous economic success and its people are relatively successful.
Unemployment is low and the rakyat is not living in poverty.
UMNO has led the country towards economic success and it will continue to do so.

UMNO never makes a u-turn like the opposition
Unlike other political parties, UMNO is always consistent and never makes a u-turn like the opposition.
This is very important because a political party which wants to champion the rights of the Malays must be consistent.
Political parties which make frequent u-turns cannot be trusted as they always break their promises.
Pakatan Harapan made a U-turn on December 5 when it speculated that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be the Prime Minister designate, if its wins the 14th general election.
Previously, Pakatan Harapan denied that Tun Dr Mahathir will become Prime Minister.
This is proof that Pakatan Harapan cannot be trusted.

UMNO stresses on quality education
At the UMNO general assembly on December 5, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the party will continue to give importance on quality education.
At the assembly, Datuk Seri Zahid said an Education Commission will be set up to encourage students to think more and become more creative and versatile.
This is proof that the UMNO leadership always stress on good education for the rakyat as it is key to a better life in the future.

UMNO at the forefront of international issues
The UMNO-led BN is always spearheading international issues such as Rohingya and militants in Southern Thailand and Southern Philippines.
This is important because when the international community see Malaysia at the front, the other countries will see Malaysia as a country which cares with the plight of others.
They will see Malaysia as a country which takes action against injustice and will not sit idly by.
This will be good for the image of Malaysia and will propel our position in the international front.

UMNO cares for the rakyat
UMNO has always cared for the rakyat ever since 1955 and will continue to do so in the future.
UMNO has initiated programmes such as Felda land schemes, BR1M, 1PRIMA housing and so many others.
So it is clear that UMNO is the most caring party in the country to take care of the rakyat.
UMNO will also ensure that the country will continue to move forward and be among the best countries in the world.


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