The recent nomination of Tun Dr Mahathir’s as PM over the weekend by the opposition if it wins the upcoming general election in 2018 is likely to be rejected from certain quarters from within the alliance pact. It is not as simple as it appears just because Tun was formerly the longest serving PM and that everyone in the pact will support his candidacy.

One must remember that foremost, Datuk Seri Anuar Ibrahim had served as Deputy PM when Tun was PM. Tun had even promised Anwar to take over from him as PM when the latter stepped down from power. Anwar regarded Tun as his mentor  who would groom him. However, Anwar’s removal from his post for alleged sodomy and corruption back in 1998 really frustrated him and prompted him to switch to the opposition in the hope of bringing justice to Mahathir and the ruling National Front coalition government.

Furthermore, the People’s Justice Party Deputy President cum Selangor Chief Minister Azmin Ali is also most unlikely to throw his support for Tun’s nomination. Azmin has served as Selangor Chief Minister for nearly a decade. With growing popularity in Selangor, surely Azmin has ambitions to become the next leader. His supporters are also keen to see him become the next PM.

However, Anwar as the de facto PKR leader will have the final say in whether or not to approve Tim’s nomination.


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