Based on the recent outcome from the forensic investigation on Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi, 11 year who died on April 26 after having been allegedly abused at a tahfiz (Qur’anic learning school) boarding school which indicate the cause of death was due leptospirosis infection, a disease known to be brought about by rat urine, it is now very important for the relevant authorities namely the police and the Health Department to conduct immediate and thorough investigation over the matter especially on how the disease been infected to the victim in the first place.

As we all aware, there have been public warning in recent years over the spread of leptospirosis disease in our country which have claim many deaths. Leptospirosis is a very dangerous disease and a common public health problem worldwide. In Malaysia alone an increasing number of reported cases and outbreaks which had resulted in significant number of deaths have been observed in the recent years.

There have been many reported cases involving people who being infected with such disease in recreational areas. A single gulp of water from a river, pond or waterfall, coming into contact with soil or swimming in natural water spots with small open wounds can expose people to such fatal disease. According to medical study, leptospiral infection in humans causes a range of symptoms and some infected persons may have no symptoms at all which make any effort to seek early medical treatment very difficult.

Leptospirosis is said to begins suddenly with fever accompanied by chills, intense headache, severe muscle ache, abdominal red eye, and occasionally a skin rash. The classic form of severe leptospirosis can characterized by liver damage, kidney failure,and bleeding. The infection is also said to be often incorrectly diagnosed due to the nonspecific symptoms.

Thus, it is crucial for the relevant authorities to conduct further investigation based on the latest revelation from the autopsy done on the late Mohamad Thaqif Amin. The relevant authorities must trace all his activities prior to his death which could potentially exposed him with such disease. Legal action must be taken against those who are responsible for causing for such infection to happen.

At the same time, there is a great need for improvement in order to control and prevent the spread of the disease from the general public as stipulated under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (Act 324) which has gazzated leptospirosis as a notifiable disease since 9 December 2010.

The general public must be constantly educate over the issue and must be reminded to take good care of their health and not to expose themselves not only to the highlighted disease above but other diseases as well.


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