CONGRATULATIONS to SPRM for the latest corruption bust involving a director and deputy director of a state government department in Sabah.

The news went viral yesterday as the case involved confiscation of cash worth RM52 million and another RM60 million frozen in banks belonging to the suspects involved.

Photos of the decks of cash were circulated nationwide through social medias, which took authorities more than 15 hours to count all of it before they could determine the total amount!

On top of the cold-hard cash, SPRM also confiscated 127 land ownership grants, nine luxury cars and 94 branded handbags from the two Dingos.

The news sparked mixed reactions. Although we should be happy that SPRM managed to conduct a successful operation to apprehend the slimy duo, it is quite sad that such a case could happen in Malaysia.

untitled-1-2In the past, we have seen such an amount of cash in movies involving Mexican and Columbian drug lords or in gangster flicks of India where Rajinikanth would then give the money back to the poor. Who would have thought that there are criminals in Malaysia that are of the same scale as those villains in the movies?

Sadly, we do not have a Rajini to save the day.  But we could say that we are quite fortunate that the bust did not involve blazing bullets from machine guns resulting in a bloodbath between the villains’ foot-soldiers and enforcement forces. Peacefully, SPRM was there to make sure the ‘villains’ will go to court.


The question now is how the two managed to collect their massive wealth through abuse of power without getting caught for the past seven years? We can pinpoint the fault to anybody, but looking at the bright side of things, at least it is a step forward for Malaysia.  We are heading into the right direction. This is SPRM’s biggest case ever, and more concentration should be focused on the ‘big fish’ like these two.  Corruption should be tackled from top down, not the other way around.

I am sure this is just a start to many other sting operations that SPRM is conducting. Not all civil servants could easily fall prey to bribery.  I’ve met quite a number of honest and hard-working civil servants.  These are the people who could suffer because of the few bad apples that decided to get rich quick without any spiritual guidance to consider the repercussions involved. Bravo to SPRM for winning this battle but believe me, the war against corruption is far from over.

Casius Junut is an independent political and economic analyst and Malaysian Access reader. 


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