EGYPT – A right-wing US magazine said that the Egyptian army may spread alligators in the moat it is constructing along the border with the Gaza Strip.

Israeli website Arutz Sheva reported: “It’s not known if Egypt plans to stock the moat with alligators or other similar natural deterrence methods.”

The moat was described as a “medieval-style moat” and it was suggested that it could be filled with alligators.

Arutz Sheva claimed that the Egyptian authorities removed all villages, residential communities and farms located about 3-5 kilometres of the Egypt-Gaza border to secure the area from tunnel smugglers or any threats that could come from Gaza.

“The moat, officials expect, will prevent tunnels from being built, as Gaza tunnel diggers will be unable to dig deep enough to go under the moat. The moat will be filled with seawater from the Mediterranean,” the website reported.

On its part, the American publication Front Page Magazine suggested that the Egyptian method could be applied by the US to protect the American border with Mexico, “where cartel tunnels have become a serious national security threat.”

The Egyptian army has recently laid giant water pipes along the border with the Gaza Strip, at a depth of 30 metres in order to flood the tunnels, keeping only a few kilometres for the Rafah border crossing.

Source: Middle East Monitor


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