Jerusalem should be shared by both Palestinians and Israelis, several church leaders said today.

Council of Churches of Malaysia general secretary Rev Dr Hermen Shastri said the churches agree with the position adopted by the United Nations on this issue, which is to allow both sides to have access to the controversial religious area.

“Most churches follow the position of UN. Where Palestinians have right to their homeland and where Israelis have right to their homeland.

“Jerusalem is a place that all religions are interested in it. It should be a city of peace. It should be a shared capital,” he told reporters when met at the sidelines of a Christmas high-tea event today.

He added that instead of attending rallies and protests, all parties should work together to find an immediate solution to the issue.

Hermen explained that there were even several church leaders of Palestinian origin who have been affected badly by the Jerusalem issue.

“Any nation should not stall the peace initiative . Look for path of peace within framework of justice

“We do not go for those kind of rallies. We go for rallies within our church movement. In solidarity for Christian leaders which many of them are Palestinians,” he said.

Fr George Harrison, a Catholic priest from Seremban meanwhile said despite their respective religious beliefs, people should be more tolerant and less aggravated by the situation.

“Well, we have to use the wisdom that comes from God, sacred scriptures to find a peaceful solution for this.

“I think we can always seek an answer by seeking for wisdom and the right thing to do. Instead of looking for kind of quick response to a situation. We can always have some other way,” he said.

Malaysia has staunchly opposed the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in solidarity with Palestine as it was insult to Muslims worldwide.

Last Friday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak led a rally in front of Masjid Putra to show solidarity for Palestinian Muslims and oppose US President Donald Trump’s announcement vehemently.


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