The time has come for the government in particular the Ministry of Education to seriously consider in setting up a national level special committee to investigate in drug related problem faced by our schools.

This come after the shocking revelation by the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) recently which has identified the localities of 2,000 schools nationwide as being at high risk of student involvement with drugs.

According to AADK (Prevention) director Abdul Rahman Hamid, the total, students at 400 of the schools were involved with drugs, most of which were secondary schools and the students were mostly males aged of between 14 and 16 years.

The latest revelation cannot be treated lightly without having any serious action been taken by the government as it will jeopardize the future of our younger generation. The Ministry of Education also had reminded schools management previously not to keep hidden all the problem related to the drug abuse among its pupil from the ministry and the public.

If there are in fact schools which put the matter under the carpet, we can’t truly ascertain and find out the exact scale of the problem. In order for us to fully understand the arising problem clearly, it would be much better and appropriate if such special committee can be set up to analyse all the problem in detail, identifying the scale of the problem, examine the contributing factors, and producing concrete and feasible solutions to address the problem.

The call to set up the special committee is very important as the committee will be consisting group of people who are expert and specialize in the arising problem who can fully comprehend the situation and producing more practical long term solutions to the arising problem.

The special committee would also be able to examine in detail all the existing rules, regulations, policies and procedures relating to our education system and analyse whether or not it is still suitable and relevant to be use to cope with the arising problem.

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