Selangor Pakatan Harapan is breaking apart.
Its Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali is under fire.
His credibility and administration of the state is being questioned.
Even his close ally, DAP, is disputing Azmin.
What is going on?
The rakyat should know the real story.

What is happening?
Parti Keadilan Rakyat-led Selangor is having problems with its coalition partners.
This include Parti Amanah Negara, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia and even its close ally DAP.
It is also having problems with Pas which is now working together with Umno.
The lack of cooperation will be a problem for Selangor Pakatan Harapan.

Problem started with the seat allocation
The problem started with the seat allocation issue.
PKR, DAP, PAN are supposed to discuss on the seat allocation before the 14th general elections.
Azmin claimed that all parties have discussed over the issue for times.
Selangor PAN state chief Izham Hashim said Azmin is lying.
They have not met even once to discuss on seat allocation.
PAN even called Azmin a joker.

Even DAP is not happy with Azmin
PKR and DAP were once close friends.
But now even DAP is not happy with Azmin.
Selangor DAP central committee member Ronnie Liu said Azmin is sabotaging Pakatan Harapan in Selangor.
On his Facebook wall, Liu said Azmin is lying when he said all coalition members have met four times.
The meeting never happened.
And DAP is furious.

Why are the state seats not yet allocated?
Why is it that Selangor Pakatan Harapan has yet to allocate the state seats?
How many will DAP get? How many will PKR, PPBM and PAN get?
The parties have not yet discussed due to reasons known only to Azmin.
And yet Azmin said the committee members have discussed about the seat allocation.
This is denied by PAN youth chief Abbas Azmi and Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua.

Azmin does not want to contest in Gombak?
There are rumours that Azmin who is the current member of parliament in Gombak, does not want to contest there.
Deputy Prime Minster Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said on February 2 that Azmin may want to contest in Pekan or Bagan Datuk.
No one really knows why Azmin is abandoning Gombak.
But it could be because he knows that he will lose in Gombak.
This is because has not been taking care of the rakyat in Gombak.
And that he could lose in Gombak.
Azmin wants to strategise.
So that is why he has yet to allocate all the seats in Selangor.

Selangor not giving its Pas assemblymen their allowance
Selangor is also embroiled in controversy involving its 15 Pas assemblymen.
Selangor has not paid them their allowances totalling RM800,000.
This is a betrayal to the rakyat as the money is meant for the assemblymen to do their work.
They need their money to perform their duties to their constituents.
Why hold back the money Selangor?

The RM800,000 given to PKR members?
The New Straits Times reported on February 5, that the RM800,000 was diverted to PKR members.
These PKR members are also contesting at the 15 constituencies currently held by Pas.
What is going on?
Why is Selangor deliberately withholding the allowance to give to its PKR members?
This is not fair to Pas assemblymen.

Selangor also has water, dengue problem
Selangor also has other problems.
The state has the highest dengue cases in Malaysia.
The Health Ministry’s website said there are 4,835 dengue cases in Malaysia.
Out of the 4,835 cases, half are in Selangor.
Selangor also has the highest water disruption in the country.
So Selangor has a lot of issues.

BN should take advantage of the situation
It is clear that Selangor Pakatan Harapan has a lot issues.
Coalition partners – DAP, PAN, PKR,PPBM and former member Pas are at loggerheads with each other.
Selangor Pakatan Harapan is at its weakest.
BN must take advantage of the situation.
Win back the hearts of the rakyat.

How will this impact the rakyat?
This development will definitely impact the rakyat in Selangor.
The rakyat must vote for a government that is efficient and trouble free.
And Selangor Pakatan Harapan has a lot of issues.
The rakyat of Selangor must choose BN.
Only BN can govern in an efficient manner for the betterment of the rakyat.


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