Sabah Gerakan will continue to be in full support of Barisan Nasional (BN) even if its request for extra seats is turned down.

Its liason chief Datuk Gordon Leong said the party has strong support from the ground and was ever ready to serve the rakyat.

“With seats or no seat or no extra seats, we will remain supportive of BN and will continue to move with the people,” he told reporters when met during the party Chinese New Year walkabout at the Gaya Street Sunday Market here, today.

Leong said the party has a promising track record following its victory in two state seats – Tanjong Papat and Elopura – in previous election.

“Gerakan has been in Sabah for 22 years and we have been allocated with two seats in GE13. We won the seats and it was a 100 per cent win.

“With that track record, we hope to be given more seats but we will leave this matter to the wisdom of our prime minister to decide what’s best,” he said.

Currently, the Tanjong Papat seat is held by party vice president Datuk Seri Raymond Tan Shu Kiah, who is also Sabah deputy chief minister, and Elopura seat is held by Datuk Au Kam Wah.

In the past, Leong had mentioned the party has many potential candidates to contest in GE14 and requested the party leadership to consider one Parliament seat for Sabah.

Tan, had last year, also said the party would request for additional seats in Sabah, stressing it did not matter if the seats allocated to the party was in the east coast or the west coast.

Speaking on the people’s sentiment especially among the Chinese community, Leong reinterated there was positive feedback.

“The Chinese community should know and I think the only party which can propel Malaysia’s economy further is BN.

“As for the opposition, they can do whatever they want but they are not united. Having said that, I don’t think I should comment on them but BN is ever ready for sure,” stressed Leong.-NST


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