The international tribunal on humanitarian crimes against ethnic minorities in Myanmar, especially Rohingya, began session of proceedings at the University of Malaya Law Faculty (UM) yesterday.

Organized the Permanent People’s Tribunal (PPT) based in Rome, Italy, the free tribunal beginning around 9.30 am, judged by experts on human rights, genocide, legislation and former diplomats headed by Founder of the Center for Genocide Research, Daniel Feierstein.

During the proceeding session, the prosecution team headed by Doreen Chen read four general charges against the Myanmar government, including government departments, military, police, border police, senior members of the National Democratic League Party (NLD), Myanmar President, Htin Kyaw and Myanmar National Counselor, Aung San Suu Kyi.

The charges include international crimes against Myanmar Muslims, war crimes and humanity against Kachin ethnic, genocide and humanitarian crimes against ethnic Rohingya and serious human rights violations against Myanmar Muslims, Kachin and Rohingya.

Chen also read 26 specific charges, each of five criminal charges by the Muanmar government against Kachin and Rohingya and 16 against the Myanmar Muslim as a whole.

During the ongoing proceedings at 6pm today, several witnesses among experts and representatives from ethnic Kachin will testify on behalf of the prosecutor, while Rohingya’s ethnic representatives will give testimony tomorrow and Myanmar Muslim representatives on Wednesday.

The prosecutor also presented video presentations on proof of residential destruction, satellite imagery, international media documentaries and interviews with Rohingya and Kachin refugees in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

However, the defendants representing the Myanmar government did not appear on the first day of the tribunal despite receiving the invitation from the management.

PPT today is a continuation of its first proceedings on the same issue on March 6 at the Queen Mary University of London.

The judge is expected to make a decision in the PPT session this Friday.


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