KUALA LUMPUR: The ringgit extended its gains to open higher against the US dollar this morning as investors” appetite shifted to emerging currencies ahead of the US tax reform announcement, due later today.

At 9.09 am, the local note stood at 4.3640/3680 against the greenback from 4.3690/3740 registered at 6pm on Tuesday.

A dealer said the local currency remained supported by renewed risk taking activities in the market. Meanwhile, the ringgit was traded mixed against most major currencies.

The local note improved against the Singapore dollar to 3.1319/1359 from 3.1364/1404 on Tuesday and was higher against the yen at 3.9213/9263 from 3.9585/9634, yesterday.

The ringgit weakened against the British pound to 5.6012/6089 from 5.5949/5027 on Tuesday and slipped against the euro to 4.7712/7764 from 4.7539/7611, previously. — Bernama


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