A lot of things have been said about the redelineation process. Some say it will benefit Barisan Nasional (BN) to win the upcoming 14th general elections. But in reality, it will benefit both BN and the opposition.
Let us take a look at how it will benefit the rakyat.

The situation
Every time there a general elections, the rakyat will cast their votes according to their
respective areas or constituencies. Registered voters can only vote in their respective constituencies. As an example, a voter who is registered in Petaling Jaya Utara can only vote in Petaling, Jaya Utara and not in Petaling Jaya Selatan. This is to prevent fraud and cheating.

So what is redelineation

Redelineation is when the Election Commission re-draw the constituencies to either
make it bigger to include other areas or make it smaller to exclude other zones. This is done due to the rising population. Thus the Election Commission need to add more constituencies or parliamentary constituencies when it becomes congested.

Why is there a need for redelineation

Why is there a need for redelineation? This is due to the rising population. There are 222 parliamentary constituencies. But this was four years ago. There are now more than 15 million Malaysians eligible for voting. So each constituency will be too crowded. Thus the Election Commission need to break up the constituency into smaller areas. Redelineation has got nothing to do with helping BN.

Redelineation will benefit both BN and the Opposition

The redelineation process will not benefit any party despite a perception that it will help Barisan Nasional win big in the 14th General Election. Universiti Malaya political analyst Dr Awang Azman Awang Pawi said by looking at it carefully, the redelineation can benefit both sides because voters will be relocated. Redelineation will move BN voters to BN strongholds. And opposition supporters will be moved to opposition strongholds. So redelineation benefits both BN and the opposition.

Voters vote for their preferred candidates

No matter what, the outcome of the 14th general elections would be decided only by
two factors. Voters will vote on the most qualified candidates who can do the job. Second factor, voters will vote based on their views and perception of current issues. If a voter is angry with BN, the voter will vote the opposition. So it has got nothing to do with the redelineation exercise. Voters can have an opinion today and the next day, they can change their opinions.

Redelineation is long overdue

Redelineation is long overdue and should have been carried out a long time ago. This is to ensure a smooth and efficient general elections.  A redelineation exercise is timely now.

Redelineation does not have any effect on voters

Redelineation will not have any effects on voters. The fact of the matter is that voters vote for their preferred elected representatives or Yang Berhormat. The real question is who will the rakyat vote for, this time around because it depends on them and not on any redelineation exercise. Redelineation or not, voters perception will keep changing based on current issues.

Impact to the rakyat

The rakyat should know that Malaysia’s population is growing rapidly every year. So it will be inconvenient for the rakyat if their voting area is full of people. So this is where the redelineation exercise is carried out. This will ensure a smooth electoral process. The rakyat can then vote for their favourite YB. The YB can then help look at their plight and improve their lives.


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