Rafizi Ramli was sentenced to 30-months jail. He was punished for leaking confidential banking information.
But was the sentence fair?
Was it excessive?
Was it justified
How will it impact the rakyat?
Let us take a look.

Rafizi is a criminal
Rafizi is a criminal full stop.
Rafizi broke the law at his whim and fancy to spread lies and slander.
How can he be sincere if he shares private information with others?
The rakyat should not be fooled.

How would you feel if your private information is exposed?
Let’s say a businessman has RM300 million in his bank account.
This information is then exposed for the whole world to know.
How would the businessman react?
Would he be okay with it? Or would he feel betrayed?
That is exactly what Rafizi did – betray the trust of that man.

Private info is protected under the Bafia Act
Our private and personal banking and financial information is personal.
The information is protected under the Banking and Financial Institution Act or Bafia.
This is to safeguard our privacy.
Bafia also ensures national security.

If Bafia is not respected, our financial system will collapse
The banking and financial institution is all about trust.
Trust is the core value of banks in Malaysia and all around the world.
What would happen if the rakyat do not trust banks anymore?
The rakyat will take out their money such as in Greece.
Once the money is out, there will be no liquidity in the financial markets.
And the economy will be weak.

Investors will run away
We might think that the Rafizi’s court case is small.
But in actuality, it has bigger repercussions.
Let’s say that our court system do not punish Rafizi.
Then he is free to do it again in the future.
This will certainly scare the international investors.
And investors who run away is not good for our economy.

Rafizi likes to slander and then apologise
In the past, the Pandan member of parliament always like to slander and then apologise.
He would always slander the government.
And when he was found wrong, he would apologise.
But after a short while, he would slander again.
It is clear that he is not apologetic or remorseful for slandering other people.
It is time he learned his lesson,
The 30-months jail would be good for him.

Some examples of Rafizi’s shoot first, truth later
In 2012, Rafizi slandered that the MRT cost RM100 billion.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the MRT actual cost is RM21 billion.
Rafizi also slandered former Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.
He slandered Khalid for a doing a poor job in Selangor.
PKR later had to issue and apology.
He also slandered Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan on a project.
Rafizi slandered that Abdul Rahman awarded the Ekspo Negaraku project to his brother.
Rafizi was proven to be wrong and is being sued.

The court has already cleared NFC
Rafizi claimed that RM250 million meant to help farmers were missing.
The RM250 million were allocated to buy cattle, cattle feed and build infrastructure.
Rafizi claimed that the National Feedlot Corporation has misused the money.
This include buying luxury condominiums.
But the court has already ruled that the property investments were lawful.
The court instead found Rafizi guilty of defamation.

The law must be firm and set an example
The law must be hard on Rafizi.
This is to show that the law is firm and does not discriminate.
When a person is found guilty, then the person is guilty.
The law cannot choose sides.
Justice must prevail.

How does Rafizi’s case impact the rakyat
There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from this incident.
Do not break the law as anybody who does so will be punished.
The rakyat’s trust in the law must not be betrayed.
If the rakyat’s trust is broken, they will not believe in the law anymore.
If that happens, the country can collapse.


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