Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) can never replace Umno.
That is a fact and that is how it is.
Let’s take look why.
And how it will impact the rakyat.

PPBM was set up due to one man’s agenda
Everybody knows that PPBM was set up to fulfill the agenda of one man.
PPBM was set up just to fulfill the selfish ambition of Tun Mahathir Mohamad.
A party which is set up due to the vested interest of a single person will not last.
PPBM will not sustain and is not even close compared with Umno.

PPBM only wants Mukhriz to be prime minister
PPBM was set up because Tun Mahathir wants his son Datuk Seri Mukhriz to be prime minister.
Tun Mahathir never wanted to take care on the welfare of the Malays.
Tun Mahathir does not care about the rakyat.
He is settting up PPBM to be the vehicle for Mukhriz to be prime minister.
The rakyat should not be fooled.

UMNO for all
Umno on the other hand is a party for all the Malays.
Umno has taken care on the welfare of the Malays since independence.
As the leading party in Barisan Nasional, Umno also takes care of the non-Malays.
Umno also takes care of Islam and the Bumiputeras

PPBM can’t lead the nation
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said PPBM can’t lead Malaysia.
This is because the party can’t even follow its own constitution.
Speaking after the Umno supreme council meeting on January 31, Datuk Seri Najib said PPBM can’t even get its house in order.
PPBM does not even hold meetings at the branch and divisional level.
PPBM is in a mess and is all over the place.
How can PPBM even lead the country?

UMNO is so well organised
During the recent Umno general assembly.
Every body could see that Umno was a well oiled machine.
Party members were all so well organised.
Nobody argued with each other and the debates went smoothly.
There were no untoward incidences.
Umno is an example of a good and efficient political party.
A well managed party such as Umno should lead Malaysia.

PPBM can’t even handle its own convention
During its second convention on January 31, all hell broke loose when PPBM members became rowdy.
The grass root members were protesting against the Pakatan Harapan leadership over the state seats.
PPBM were allocated the least number of seats in Negeri Sembilan.
DAP and PKR meanwhile got more seats.
This dissatisfaction goes to show how insignificant PPBM is compared to other parties.
PPBM has not impact on DAP and PKR and let alone Umno.

PPBM Selangor also in a mess
PPBM Selangor is also in a bad situation.
It is jostling with DAP, PKR and PAN on seat allocation.
Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali and PPBM are at loggerheads with each other over state seats.
PPBM is such a trouble party.

The rakyat must choose wisely, choose UMNO
The rakyat must realise by now that it is Umno which has brought much development to the country.
It is Umno which brought much betterment and wealth to all races in the country.
So the rakyat must bear that in mind and not throw that all away by voting for PPBM.
The rakyat must think of the families and their children.
Only Umno can bring development to the country.


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