Today, the country will come to a standstill as thousands of Bersih supporters hold a rally nationwide to protest against the government. To make it worse, the Red Shirts will also go down to the ground to rally against Bersih supporters who will wear their yellow shirts.

What can we expect today? Who will benefit? Who will be at the losing end?

What will happen to the rakyat?

Bersih supporters have deviated from their original objective

Bersih was originally established to call on fair and transparent elections. But now Bersih has deviated from its original objective.Bersih supporters are protesting for the removal of Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his government.UMNO Selangor Youth Zainuri Zainal told Malaysia Gazette on November 10 that Bersih has deviated from its original aim and this cannot be accepted.

Datuk Najib and Barisan Nasional are elected by the rakyat.

Bersih supporters argue that they are holding the protests as they want to make the government better.Bersih supporters claim that they can do this by removing Datuk Seri Najib and replace him with a new Prime Minister. They claim that Najib is not managing the country well and once he is removed, the rakyat will prosper. Let us remember that Najib was democractically elected by the rakyat and to remove him is unlawful and is against the principles of democracy.

Bersih will scare away tourists
Tens of thousands of Bersih supporters are expected to protests at hotspots in Kuala Lumpur and this will definitely scare away both local and foreign tourists. Tourists especially foreign visitors do not like to come to a place where it is unstable and full of protests. This is because they are concerned with their safety especially when they bring along their children. When this happens, tourists will run away and when they run away, it is not good for the economy because a lot of the rakyat such as taxi drivers, tourist guides, businessmen and service providers such as hotels, restaurants and business premises depend on the tourists for their income. Taxi driver Zainal Baharom, 60, told Utusan Malaysia that his income would be severely affected between 6am and 7pm on rally day.

Bersih will incur losses to businesses

Businesses will be affected when Bersih takes place as their supporters are many and they can cause trouble. Protesters can go out of control and when they do, they will become violent and destroy property and worse burn up the shoplots or the shopping malls. This will cause losses to our rakyat as some Malaysians who works at such places will be unable to go to work and earn an income to put food on the table.

Business community do not like Bersih

Bersih gives the impression that the country is in shambles and the rakyat are protesting all over the country. Foreign investors will be scared because they do not like to invest in a country which is in chaos. As a result, our foreign direct investment will be affected and ratings agencies will downgrade Malaysia. What this means is that, rating agencies are telling international investors – Malaysia is not a good place to invest. When this happens, our stock market will go down and investors in Malaysia such as car companies, paint and furniture companies will leave Malaysia. This will affect Malaysians as they will no longer have a job and unable to feed for their families.

Country economy is strong under Barisan Nasional
There is a Western saying, if it is not broken, don’t fix it. Despite the challenging times, Malaysia’s economy continue to defy the odds expanding 4.3 per cent in the third quarter, the fastest quarterly growth so far this year. Bank Negara Malaysia announced last Friday that the economy grew due to strong domestic spending by the rakyat and good exports by Malaysian manufacturers. So the country’s economy is strong. So don’t fix something that is not broken.


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