“My father and mother were ruthlessly killed, my sister and sister-in-law raped by Myanmar troops.

“Even though the incident took place 28 years ago, their cruelty and brutality are still fresh in my memory to date,” said one Rohingya ethnic, Abdul Rahim Hassan Ali, 50.

According to him, the incident occurred in 1988 when he, his parents, siblings and his sister-in-law were resting after lunch at their home in Arakan, Myanmar.

“At that time, our door was knocked strongly. We heard noise outside the house.

“We were jolted when soldiers entered our house, and the women screamed in fear … we tried to fight, but we were powerless,” he said.

Abdul Rahim, the youngest of 13 siblings, said the attacks at their home were so heart-wrenching when they were tortured and beaten, even women of their family were victims of rape.

Abdul Rahim, who lives in Jalan Bagan Sungai Besar, said he and his wife, Hazrah Nazil Ahmad, 50, and his eldest son, Mohamad Yusup, 32, were four years old and fled into the jungle.

“We were in the forest for about three months, and we found another group of refugees who wanted to leave Myanmar.

“Finally, we arrived in Thailand and were detained there for three years before we were released.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) card holders said that as soon as he was released in Thailand, he and his other friends decided to go to Malaysia for protection.

“We are on a direct train to Johor Bharu, in Malaysia, our lives are much safer and can live calmly,” said the father of the 10 children.

Abdul Rahim, who is now a small retailer, said he started settling in Sungai Besar in 1995 after being invited by a friend to start a new life here.

“Until now, I’m still traumatized by this incident and never returned to Myanmar. When I recall the old incident, I suddenly cried alone.

“It’s a long time ago, I do not want recall. What’s more important is that I see all my children and grandchildren safe ,” he said.

Hazrah, his wife also expressed sadness with the fate of Muslims in Myanmar.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Heads of Association, Dr Mohd Hisham Surgi, who visited the family, said he felt sympathetic to what happened to Rohingya’s Muslim ethnic group.

“We have to pressure the Myanmar military junta so that this spirit of humanity towards the Rohingya community is emphasized.

“We also hope that this brutality can be dragged into humanitarian court in the Netherlands, as well as do not let them escape because this is a series of contempt of modern times that should not happen,” he said.


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