A lot has been said about UMNO, MIC, MCA, DAP and PKR. But not much has been said about Parti Amanah Negara or PAN.
What is PAN?
What is the party all about?
What is PAN’s contibution to the rakyat?
Let us take a look.

PAN is a splinter of Pas
PAN is a splinter party of Pas.
It was set up by Mohamad Sabu or Mat Sabu who is not satisfied with the way Pas was
being managed by its president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.
Mat Sabu who was with Pas at the time did not like Hadi for allowing Pas to become
too close with Umno.
Hence that is why PAN was set up.

PAN is a second class party
However, PAN is considered to be a second class party in Pakatan Harapan.
In a New Straits Times report on January 9, Pas syura council member Datuk Dr Mohd
Khairuddin Aman Razali said PAN will always play second fiddle to Pas and DAP.
PAN will never be able to match Pas which has more than one million members.

PAN got the lowest number of seats
Pakatan Harapan announced recently that for the upcoming 14th general elections, PAN will get the lowest number of parliamentary seats.
Compared to PPBM, PKR and DAP, PAN only got 27 seats.
PPBM will contest at 52 seats, PKR 51 while DAP will contest at 35 seats.
This shows that PAN plays second fiddle to all the parties especially DAP.
Pas central committee member Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Aziz said in a Fecebook
posting on January 8, PAN had underestimated Pas.
The rakyat should not place its trust in PAN whose role is very small.

Pakatan Harapan using PAN to lure Islamic voters
Pakatan Harapan is using PAN to lure Islamic voters.
Pakatan Harapan wants to convey the message that PAN is better than Pas.
PAN wants the rakyat especially Muslims not to be worried if Pakatan Harapan wins in
the next general elections.
This is because PAN and Pakatan Harapan cares for the Muslims.
Pakatan Harapan wants the rakyat to know that PAN is around and that PAN is better
than Pas.
The rakyat should not be fooled because only Barisan Nasional will uphold the rights of
the Malays and the Muslims.

PAN’s role is to split the votes
Under Pakatan Harapan, PAN’s only role is to split the votes in the upcoming general
Pakatan Harapan allocated PAN seats at constituencies where it has no hope of
PAN’s major role is to split the votes by contesting in Pas traditional seats.
PAN should realise that it is being used by DAP.

PAN always kowtowing to DAP
PAN is not a strong party as it is always kowtowing to DAP.
It is obvious that DAP is the mastermind behind Pakatan Harapan.
And DAP is using PAN to its own benefit.
The rakyat should not be fooled by PAN.

PAN has the least clout in Pakatan Harapan
PAN’s smallest share of seats in Pakatan Harapan proves that it is poorly regarded by its
fellow coalition members which are DAP, PKR and PPBM.
Selangor Pas information chief Hasbullah Ridzwan told Berita Harian on January 8 that
Pakatan Harapan has the least clout.
PAN leaders and members must be ready to accept that the party will be sidelined in the

PAN will never last
A party that is set up based on the ambitions of one man can never last.
PAN was set up as a vehicle for Mat Sabu.
It was never established for the welfare of the rakyat.
PAN is insincere and the rakyat must not be deceived by PAN.

PAN can never replace Pas
Initially, PAN’s intention was to become a party as big as Pas.
But PAN will never be able to challenge Pas clout as it has more than one million
PAN will always play second fiddle to Pas.
And will always be a second class party.

PAN is actually benefitting Barisan Nasional
Due to the actions of Pakatan Harapan to split the votes, the move is actually benefitting
Barisan Nasional.
If a constituency has a three corner fight, PAN will split the vote.
In the end, Barisan Nasional will benefit the most.
PAN is being used by DAP.

Rakyat must choose wisely
It is clear that PAN is a party which cannot be trusted.
It was established solely to satisfy the polical agenda of Mat Sabu.
It is not set up to take care of the rakyat.
The rakyat must choose carefully and wisely before casting their votes in the next general elections.


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