Malaysian Chinese who support Pakatan Harapan are now confused.
This is because Pakatan Harapan is now in conflict and in disarray.
Analysts said due to the conflict, Chinese voters could swing back to vote for Barisan Nasional (BN).
The Chinese voters are just not happy with the things that is going on in Pakatan Harapan.
The possibility of the Chinese voters returning to BN is high and this will augur well for BN.
Let us take a look at the factors as well as its impact to the rakyat.

The Chinese are a lot more calmer now
Compared to the previous two general elections, the Chinese are a lot more calmer now.
There is no political tension and the economy is doing well.
The government projects such as the MRT and the LRT are also progressing well.
Due to these positive developments, some of the Chinese are likely to return and vote for BN.

Some 15 percent of Chinese votes could swing back to BN
There is a possibility that up to 15 percent of the Chinese votes might return to vote for BN.
In an interview with the New Straits Times on March 26, MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said up to 40 percent of Chinese will return to vote for BN.
This is due to several conflicts happening in Pakatan Harapan.
The Chinese are not happy with several issues and they could revert back to BN.

Chinese folk realise that DAP has done nothing
Liow said the Chinese votes will swing back from the Chinese community to BN because after a decade of supporting DAP, the party has done nothing for the Chinese except to make empty promises.
DAP has also made a lot of u-turns and spread fake news.
This does not augur well for the Chinese and the rakyat.

Chinese return will be good for MCA and Gerakan
Even if only 15 percent of Chinese votes return to BN, it is considered good enough.
The 15 percent swing will be enough for MCA and Gerakan to help BN win the elections.
This will enable BN to win more than a simple majority.
It is a good sign for BN as this shows that the Chinese do not like with what is happening in the opposition.

DAP is spreading lies
It is a common fact that Pakatan Harapan and DAP like to spread lies.
This is something that not all Chinese like.
DAP come up with a lot of stories that are not true like Malaysia being bankrupt or is a failed state.
The stories are totally untrue but DAP hype it up as though Malaysia is a backward nation with no hope and security.
That creates a lot of pessimism in the country and the Chinese don’t like it.

Chinese support has returned in some KL areas
The seats of five traditional seats in Kuala Lumpur which are Seputeh, Cheras, Bandar Tun Razak, Bukit Bintang and Wangsa Maju
are traditionally given to MCA.
Even though these seats are held by DAP, Chinese support has returned to up to 40 per cent in certain areas in Kuala Lumpur.
Liow said if MCA puts in more effort, MCA and BN can win some of the traditional seats.

So many unresolved issues in Penang and Selangor
The Chinese voters are also weary and tired as there are so many unresolved issues in Penang and Selangor.
On March 26, Lim Guan Eng starts his corruption trial case.
There is also the corruption case of the underground tunnel.
Selangor meanwhile is still not out of the woods yet due to its water crisis.
Chinese voters are just tired of these issues and want a solution.

DAP has done nothing
Liow also said that the Chinese are expected to return to BN as they realise that DAP has done absolutely nothing.
Liow said the Chinese community gave DAP the most support with 38 parliamentary and 96 state seats, but when it came to results,
DAP is not delivering at all.
This is not what the Chinese want.

DAP selling out their principles
The Chinese are losing their faith with DAP as the latter is splitting the community and playing with the emotions of the Chinese.
DAP also has no principles when they first worked with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
And then DAP worked with PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang.
And now DAP is working with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.
The Chinese are confused about what DAP is up to and now realise that DAP is just seeking power.

The Chinese can see that BN delivers
The Chinese can see that after the 13th general elections, BN has done a good job delivering all of its transformation programmes.
BN is able to hold a stable, stronger government and a robust economy.
BN has done well for the past five years transforming the country bringing it to greater heights.
And because of this, the Chinese support for BN is expected to return.


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