Pakatan Harapan Selangor is full of issues. Ever since the Parti Keadilan Rakyat-led Selangor won the general elections in 2008. Selangor is embroiled in all sorts of problems.
How will this impact the Selangor folk?
Let’s take a look.

Rift between Azmin and Tun Mahathir
It is no secret that Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali was upset
when Pakatan Harapan named Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the prime minister if the
opposition wins the upcoming 14th general elections.
If this rift continues between Azmin and Tun Mahathir.
The victim will be the Selangor rakyat.
So the rakyat should not trust PKR and Pakatan Harapan.

Selangor Pakatan fighting over state seat allocation
Until this day, Selangor Pakatan Harapan is still quiet over seat allocation for the upcoming 14th general elections.
How many state seats for PKR?
How many state seats for DAP?
How many state seats for Parti Amanah Negara?
Selangor Amanah communications director Jamzuri Ardani claimed that no committee
had been formed to discuss state seats in Selangor Pakatan Harapan.
Is this true?
Selangor Pakatan Harapan must be transparent.
This will allow the rakyat to see on who they want to vote during the elections.
Until now, Selangor is not transparent.

Everybody signing the anti corruption pledge except Selangor
All over Malaysia, all states have made their anti corruption pledge to the Malaysian
Anti-Corruption Commission except Selangor.
Why hasn’t Selangor done so?
Economist Professor Dr Hoo Ke Ping told New Straits Times on January 25 that MACC
should pay closer attention to Selangor.
By not signing the pledge, Selangor is telling the rakyat that it has something to hide.

Selangor not being fair to Pas state assemblymen
Selangor government is also unfair to its Pas assemblymen.
This happened when Pas announced its partnership with Umno.
On January 23, Kelantan Pas secretary Datuk Che Abdullah Mat Nawi said it was
unfair for the Selangor government to freeze this year’s RM800,000 allocation for the
party’s state assemblymen.
Just because the assemblymen are from Pas, the Selangor state government cannot deny
them of their allowance.
What is going on Azmin?

Selangor PKR and PAS feud heats up
Ever since Pas announced its alliance with Umno, the war of words between PKR and
Pas in Selangor move up another notch.
PKR has told Pas to leave Selangor.
Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang made a statement on January 15 that the
party want to form the next government in Selangor.
This sort of statement is not helping.
As the rakyat will be victim of their in-fighting.
The rakyat must choose BN which never had this sort of problem before.

Selangor’s rakyat continue to face problems
On January 15, a group of 50 disgruntled residents of Ladang Hopeful, Bestari Jaya,
Kuala Selangor claimed that 21 plots of land from the area have been sold by the state
government to six different private companies.
They have been farming at the 17-hectare land for 30 years.
The state government must help the rakyat as their land has been taken away.

Cost of living in Selangor has been rising
Ever since Pakatan Harapan took over Selangor in 2008, various taxes were increased.
In his column, Special officer to the Prime Minister Isham Jalil said the Pakatan
government in Selangor has increased the fees for 90 types of business licences in
The fee for a new business licence in Selangor has increased by as much as 300 per
Business licence fees under the Shah Alam City Council were raised by as much as 72
per cent, and under Petaling Jaya City Council by as much as 120 per cent.
Under Pakatan Harapan, Selangor have also charged fees on 32 types of business
premises which previously were exempted under the Barisan Nasional government.
They have also increased assessment rates on old folks’ homes, homes for the disabled,
and nurseries.

Businesses in Selangor is slow
Ever since Pakatan Harapan took over Selangor in 2008, business growth has been
Isham said property taxes have risen and this is the main cause for the slow economy in
the state and the increase in the cost of living.

Selangor Menteri Besar’s salary higher than PM
The Selangor state government has also increased the salary of the menteri besar and
the Pakatan state executive committee members.
In his column in the New Straits Times, Isham said Azmin’s salary is the highest public
servant salary in the country.
Azmin’s salary is higher even than the salary of prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
Effectively, Pakatan Harapan politicians have increased the tax burden on the people and raised their own salaries.

Selangor has water, dengue and social problems
Selangor has the highest number of water supply disruptions compared with all other
states combined.
Selangor also has the highest number of death caused by dengue.
Selangor also has the highest number of vice premises.
Selangor also has the highest cost of living in the country.
The Selangor rakyat must vote for BN for change.

Selangor will be better under BN
When Barisan Nasional retakes Selangor in the coming general election, property-
related taxes will be lowered.
Thus home prices will be cheaper leading to lower cost of doing business.
It will also lead to lower prices of goods and services.
Hence this will lead to an overall lower cost of living.
This will lead to a better life in Selangor for all.

Free nursery and kindergarten if BN wins
Some 1,600 low and medium cost housing projects in Selangor will enjoy nursery and
kindergarten facilities for free if the rakyat give Barisan Nasional a chance to govern the state in the next general elections.
Selangor BN chairman Tan Sri Noh Omar said on January 14 that the government will
provide free education to all sekolah rendah agama in the state if BN wins.

The Selangor rakyat must choose BN
It is clear that Selangor Pakatan has so many problems.
The state did not have much problems when the state was under BN.
Rakyat Selangor must make a change.
They must not be victims anymore.
To have a better life.
Rakyat Selangor must vote for BN.


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