Najib’s visit to the US was clearly aimed at further strengthening the existing bilateral cooperative ties between the two countries. Both sides have been dependent on one another over the last 60 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations.

Thus, the visit was purely intended to promote economic cooperation including trade and investment, as well to increase cooperation in security and defence spheres. Strengthening ties with the US will certainly benefit Malaysians in terms of investment and trade, as opposed to perceptions that that it will make the country become subservient to the US due to an increase in the number of US companies operating in the country.

Increasing US investment in Malaysia will help to generate revenues through job creation for the younger generation and fresh graduates. It will not control the economy. Similarly, Malaysia’s investment in the US will add further advantage to Malaysia in terms of higher returns.

Najib’s meeting with Trump was a success, It has helped to raise Malaysia’s image. The alleged 1MDB scandal was in fact never raised during the visit. The opposition is using the 1MDB and sovereignty issues merely to mar Najib’s image and to convince that by selling off Malaysia’s sovereignty, Najib is hoping to get the 1MDB issue off the hook ahead of the 14th general election in 2018.

The invitation to Washington was in fact a clear indication of Trump’s recognition of Najib as a legitimate leader of a sovereign country which can stand on its own. To add strength to the visit, Najib did not travel to Washington to beg for money or plead for mercy from the US administration at the expense of Malaysia’s integrity. Rather, it was strictly down to business. Najib wanted to prove that his country could also stand ready to assist the US.

Malaysia, being an Islamic and multi-racial country, has its own national pride and a culture different from that of the US. Therefore, Najib will surely not allow Malaysia’s sovereignty to be swallowed by the US.

As a government leader, Najib has a responsibility to protect the Malaysian people. Trump’s high regards for Najib as a trusted and moderate Islamic leader is a sign of recognizing Malaysia as an independent nation which has never taken sides with any countries including superpowers, in particular China.

In conclusion, it must be borne in mind that as the son of a former prime minister, Najib has love for his country. He will surely pursue his father, Tun Abdul Razak Hussein’s footsteps to oversee national development and security. At the same time, Najib will ensure that Malaysia will continue to progress independently without external interference.


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