The Haj Security Forces Command, represented by Road Security Forces Command, have started carrying out arrangements on use of vehicles in Makkah Province and the holy sites. They have also begun preventing people without Haj permits from entering Makkah. Such violators are turned away, apart from imposing penalties on those who try to circumvent the regulations and directives, Saudi Press Agency reported Sunday.

Statistics issued until last Friday (day before yesterday) by the Road Security Forces Command showed that 70,000 people coming to Makkah without Haj permits were turned away. The Command confirmed that over 28,000 vehicles were sent back and impounded, as they violated the conditions for transporting pilgrims. These vehicles had a load of less than 25 passengers. Other vehicles fulfilled the load requirements, but the owners did not carry special permits for transporting pilgrims as required by the regulations. The Command stressed that penalties will be imposed on violating vehicles and their drivers, in line with the regulations and directives.

The Haj Security Forces Command stressed to all who have come to perform Haj that it is necessary to obtain the required permits. The Command will not be lenient with anyone. It emphasized that all must comply with the directives for transporting pilgrims by obtaining the necessary permits. It called on them to cooperate with the security men and enable them to carry out their duties. The Command said anyone who violates the directives would be liable to penalties, as stipulated by the regulations.


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