Netizen’s thoughts of the suddenly solved FELDA land scandal case;

Shunyata: “If Felda did not know, how would the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) know; no one knew, be it Felda, or its board of directors – after the transfer of ownership was done, even the Felda Investment Corporation (FIC) was not informed,” said Felda chairperson Shahrir Samad.

I hope Shahrir is aware just how hopeless and negligent he has made the entire Felda clan sound, all the way up to PM Najib Razak.

And just out of curiosity, how do you sign off something unless you pretty much own it?

Tax-Payer: If the PM does not know what was going on in Felda, then he is not fit to be PM. Moreover, it was the PM who appointed Isa Samad as Felda chief, so how then can he disclaim responsibility?

Najib cannot shirk responsibility by just saying that he does not know what was going on in Felda.

Righteousness4all: If ever, the gospel truth confidently said by Shahrir confirming and re-affirming that quote “how would the PMO know”, then the Synergy Promenade should be brought to court. All related Land Office personals should be sacked and also be brought to court.

For such an event to take place unknown to Felda, FIC and Najib, then all of them should be held accountable and be immediately sacked from their position for drastically failing in their responsibilities.

There are no two ways about it – Najib must be reprimanded as he is the custodian of Felda. MACC, what are you waiting for?

Spirit of Malaya: Everybody did not seem to know what happened but the land title was already transferred to a “third-party company” way back in 2015.

Felda had its legal counsel and so did the “third-party company” and a memorandum of transfer would have been executed to enable the transfer by the Land Registry, i.e. there’s nothing illegal about this process.

Hence, to state that Felda was cheated is totally outrageous, it’s more of a collusion. I smell CBT (criminal breach of trust) here.

Headhunter: Is this the end of the story? The sudden transfer back of the land to Felda without any legal binding proves only one thing, it was another con job to deprive Felda of its assets.

Those involved in the initial transfer should face criminal charges before this action becomes a norm to allegedly steal lands through dubious means by those in authority.

Bluemountains: Are Malaysians going to be told of yet another alleged crime without criminals?  Malaysia is a Land of Endless Possibilities. Just look at 1MDB.

It has been established beyond doubt that fraud had taken place and they have yet to produce the criminals.

Zen: Never mind the mechanics of all the things that are besetting our nation. The big question is why are all crazy things happening to our country nowadays?

Have our leaders lost control of the people in charge of the country’s strategic assets who are safeguarding the people’s interest? Something is very amiss and fishy these days.

Mushiro: Shahrir said that the probe into the matter is ongoing but he has announced that the PM is not involved even before the probe is completed.

Also, Shahrir was appointed by the PM as Felda chairperson so there is a conflict of interest for him to declare that the PM was not involved.

Disgusted: Mushiro, it is the same as the AG (attorney-general), who was appointed by Najib. After his appointment, the AG cleared Najib in the 1MDB scandal and the RM2.6 billion flying into Najib’s personal bank account.

They are all Class-A dedak eaters. Not forgetting, Shahrir received RM1 million from Najib during GE13.

Hang Babeuf: There is a parable here. When somebody urges “Do not put peas in a baby’s ear!” the response is, “Whoever suggested any such thing?” … So why mention?

Behind the impulse to blurt out such self-incriminating things can only be a guilty conscience, “guilty knowledge”. A clear case of “protesting too much”.

Anonymous 2391893268077917: Can the bank robbers not be charged if caught so long if they return the loot?

Kheng: In my opinion, this is a charade designed to gain back support from the Felda settlers who are their vote bank.

When you looked at the source of the news, Berita Harian, where news of the illegal transfer of the land was first reported, you can smell a plot taking place.

Think about this; would Berita Harian have reported the news knowing the fallout from the scandal could cost Umno the Felda settlers’ votes in GE14?

Besides, I do not recall the name of the international audit firm engaged to perform the forensic audit being reported anywhere. Malaysians have all been taken for a ride.

Wg321: It is “good news” that the ownership of the land is transferred back to Felda from Synergy Promenade Sdn Bhd (SPSB). But what is the status of the said land? Is it mortgage to the bank?

I am sure that the previous “owner” (SPSB) needs to borrow money from the bank in order to develop the plot of Felda land.

Touche: It does not make sense and cent. If land returned, then who owns the building? Surely the Kuala Lumpur Vertical City (KLVC) project cannot continue building without ownership of the land.

How is it funded? Is the land charged for the building?

Anonymous_4031c: Indeed, giving back the land does not exonerate the culprits from the fraud that has been committed. Just like returning money stolen does not vitiate the crime or exculpate the wrongdoer.

If the transaction was above board, why return the land? Apart from Felda, the authorities and AG’s Chambers better have an explanation if no action is taken to instil public confidence.-MK


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