Recent requests for PM Mohd Najib Tun And Razak’s family’s lifestyle should not be entertained. To probe into his family’s lifestyle is clearly an interference in his family’s private life and seen as a plot to seek fault with Najib.

The question Is whether there is evidence to prove that such lifestyle is funded by money allegedly siphoned illegally from 1MDB? How can a father who is a public figure use the people’s money to finance his son’s lavish lifestyle? Surely Najib must be using money from the income that he earns for his services to the country to pay for his son’s education and other basic needs.

To be fair, it would also be wise not to sneak into former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s granddaughter, Meera Alyana Mukhriz’ extravagant lifestyle. Like Najib, Mukhriz, an entrepreneur, is also spending for his daughter out of his earnings from business. Therefore, he has every right to see his daughter enjoying a better life. The same thing goes for Najib.

Social media wants to politicize the issue to win greater public support before the next general election by discrediting and bad-mouthing about Najib and his family.

One question – have the people forgotten that all this while the BN government has been tirelessly looking after their interests to ensure that they too will have a much better life? Have they not realized that the government has been spending on health and education, as well as defence to protect their wealth and country from external threats? In fact, we should be grateful to the government.

The best advice now is for social media not to politicize the issue but to leave Najib’s family alone. The matter should be treated as private and untouchable.


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