Kuala Lumpur, 20 Dec 2017 – Microlink Solutions Berhad (‘Microlink’), a local ICT solutions provider specialising in financial solutions, today shares that Chatbot technology is set to redefine how businesses communicate with their customers.

Microlink’s Chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) driven bot programme that understands and continuously learns specific human-like tasks to intelligently converse and help solve customer enquiries and problems.

 Group CEO of Microlink, Chia Yong Wei shares that, “Very often first base enquiries are repetitive questions that can be easily answered and customers today generally want immediate answers rather than waiting for business hours to speak to a customer representative.”

“By using Chatbot, businesses can engage their customers 24-7 and provide immediate and relevant answers for their customers about the business and its services. For example, credit card enquiries in the banking industry are often similar. With a Chatbot programme installed, the bank’s customers can get instant digital connections responding to their enquiries at any hour of the day,” adds Chia.

“Think of the Chatbot as a virtual concierge, available all the time to help with basic customer enquiries. Further to that, they can schedule appointments for customers who need more in-depth assistance from the company’s specialists. This ensures the customer feels attended to and knows that their problem has been addressed and will be taken to the next level if needed,” he adds.

 According to Gartner, more than 50 percent of enterprises will spend more on bots and chat bots by 2021 than traditional mobile apps. Chatbots are set to become the face of AI in the post-app era.

Users no longer want to download multiple applications to engage with multiple companies. Instead they want immediate digital communications on one site where their questions will be addressed efficiently,” explains Chia.

 “Chatbot automates mundane routine processes, allowing enterprises to upskill their workforce, reduce re-training costs and most importantly improve customer satisfaction by extending their service hours to 24-7,” says Chia.

 Further to that, Chatbot can provide customised communication and personalised product recommendations based on better understanding of customers.

 Chatbot can be integrated into customers’ internal work flow processes and 3rd party systems as well as create customised hybrid Chatbot by infusing various technologies available in the market. The programme will also be able to understand and respond in both text and voice in 3 different languages; English, Mandarin and Malay.

 Chatbot can be used in various industries that require immediate customer service engagement such as healthcare, banking, insurance, F&B and more. It can engage communities to create smarter cities; provide 24-7 communication in building management; attend and schedule patients visit at hospitals; create pre-order facilities for the F&B industry to reduce customer waiting time and many more.

“Chatbot technology is set to disrupt customer interaction and we are ever ready to provide businesses with the solutions to embrace this new digital disruption,” ends Chia.


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