In a recent commentary by Amanah party President, Mohamad Sabu in the Malaysiakini web portal dated December 6th 2017, he stated that Malaysia is lacking good governance, human rights, and sound economic prospect. It can be said that this statement is mostly politically driven rather then that of a sound judgement by a Muslim political leader.

As most Malaysians know, the Malaysian political scene is noticeably heating up with the 14th General Election looming ever closer. It has even been hailed by some as “the mother of all General Elections”.  With the recent conclusion of the 71st UMNO General Assembly (PAU2017) last Saturday, many saw it as a big boost to the party’s moral and to Barisan Nasional (BN) as a whole.

Some notable highlights were that of Datuk Seri Najib Razak, UMNO’s Party President and the current Prime Minister of Malaysia’s PAU2017 closing speech, in which he promised the world that he will never accept the audacious proposal by US President Donald Trump to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and that he will do everything in his power to stop such a move.

His bold statement has raised his credentials as a leader in the Muslim world especially with the upcoming emergency summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Wednesday (tomorrow). This and the recent United Nations (UN) adoption of Malaysia’s resolution of moderation at its 72nd session of the General Assembly clearly shows that Malaysia is fast becoming a prominent Islamic country in the world.

Despite all this, there are still many foul voices especially from the Malaysian opposition party that insistently and persistently blast the Government’s effort and achievements in upholding Islam and unity. One such voice is that of Mohamad Sabu (a.k.a Mat Sabu), who claims to pioneer a so-called “progressive Muslim ideology”. His controversial ‘liberal’ views on Islam and Syariah law is widely criticised by prominent Muslim scholars and preachers, such as the support of the Better Beer Festival and the objection of the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965 or RUU 355.

Mat Sabu’s displeasure with the current government and his personal animosity towards Najib Razak has pushed him to the brink of logic and reasoning. In his recent commentary in the far-from-trustworthy news portal Malaysiakini, he connoted that Malaysia is better off under the regime of the Islamic State (IS).
Mat Sabu


His article also seems to idolize IS ideologies whilst condemning the current Government’s current Islamic policies and practices. It seems that the so-called Islamist Amanah party is now so desperate to raise supporters for the upcoming GE14 that they have resorted to attracting IS sympathizers in Malaysia to their cause.

It is baffling how a leader (Mat Sabu) whom supports liberalism, LGBT, IS/DAESH and other ideologies that go against the teachings of Islam, is claiming that Malaysia is a non-Islamic country that promotes poor governance and impede human rights?

How can Amanah and its chauvinistic and often hypocrite coalition partners even envisage let alone bring a golden age to Malaysia when they themselves do not belief in the constitution, legal system and Islam as the official religion of the country? How can the ‘Rakyat’ trust in those that depend solely on hate politics, fake news and rhetoric to govern the country?

From the words of the Tunisian leader Rached Ghannouchi, “Malaysia represents the best example before the Arab world. In a time where Islam is linked to terrorism, Malaysia showcases a beautiful image of Islam based on the Quran.”

“Although Malaysia is multireligious and multiracial, Muslims and non-Muslims coexist peacefully. This is important to prove that Islam can manage and survive plurality. It is an example that Islam can stand firm against a complicated situation.”

Malaysia has always upheld the principals and practices of good governance based on Islamic teachings. Without this, it would have surely buckled and crumbled under the pressures of globalization. It is these principles that has ensured Malaysia to be at the forefront and leading example of a contemporary Islamic country.


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