A Malaysian student, Muhammad Amirul Ashraf Abdullah, 21, was reportedly drowned during a picnic at Arakawa River, Saitama, Japan, yesterday evening.

Victims, final year students of mechanical engineering informatics at Meiji University, Tokyo are sponsored students of the Yayasan Pendidikan Mara (YPM).

YPM Coordinating Unit Manager, Khairul Amri Masrakin said when the victim with 10 of his friends had picnics on the river after the exams.

“The victim and his friend arrived at the picnic area at about 4 pm (local time) … when eight of his friends prepared ingredients for barbecue cooking, the victim with his two other friends went across the river.

“The victim was said to be drowning and drowning when arriving in the middle of the river, a friend had reached the other side while the other was not going to cross the river,” he said when contacted here.

According to him, the victim tried to seek help, but other students could not do anything.

Khairul Amri said the civilians who were nearby immediately made emergency calls and the firefighters who arrived at the scene took 40 minutes to conduct a search and rescue operation.

“The victims were then taken to the Red Cross Hospital Fukaya and while on their way, the medical team tried to mouth-to-mouth (CPR) breathing.

“The victim was confirmed dead by the hospital at 6.30 pm local time,” he said.

He said the embassies and families were informed by YPM’s representative in Japan and as of 8pm, the remains were still in the hospital.

Khairul Amri said it is likely that the families of the victims will depart to Japan today, to manage the process of relocating the remains to their homeland. – Bernama


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