It is not enough to be a Malaysian keyboard warrior but if you truly believe in a cause, you should be involved in it in the real world.

This was the view put forward by several panellists at a forum today on the topic of “Social Media atau Turun Padang” (social media or go to the ground) at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

Challenger secretary-general Jean Vaneisha Ravindran urged young people to get out of their social media world and experience the real thing.

“Joining the crowd does not mean that you have to go out and join political parties.

“If you believe in something, then do it.

“Many times we think by going out, we have to join an NGO (non-governmental organisation). What we don’t think about is we have alternatives within the communities that we are in,” said the youth lobbyist group leader.

Jean said simply being a keyboard warrior was not good enough.

“Social media… yes we can talk about it. But please do something, wherever you can.

Another panellist, Benz Ali also urged young people to explore their options and not just limit themselves to social media.

“For instance, books, movies, novels, these mediums also can be referred to,” he said.

Another panelist, Parti Sosialis Malaysia deputy secretary-general KS Bawani
questioned why the youths who were on social media were not participating in real life.

“Where do the 15 million youths on social media go and why is the mobilisation of them decreasing even when the information is easily obtained?

“Are they only talking or just keyboard warriors? Only active on social media?” Bawani asked.

She said that had been many previous incidents where the youths had made a difference by participating.

For example, she said, in Teluk Gong, Selangor, in 1967, more than 10,000 youths fought for the rights of farmers.

“Meanwhile, in 1974, more than 5,000 youths joined the crowd for a Tasik Utara event in Johor to fight on a housing issue.”


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