This is the first time Prime Minister YAB Najib Abdul Razak has launched such a blueprint for the Indian community in Malaysia, there was never such a blueprint launched extensively looking into the various aspects of the Indian society.

1. The opposition is worried now that the much talked about blueprint has been launched so much so that they are labelling it as an election gimmick. Never before was a blueprint ever launched during previous elections. Therefore again the opposition is manipulating and spreading fake news to the public before the 14th general election. This is actually the opposition style to hoodwink the people for their political gains.

2. Questions about its sincerity will be answered by delivering what is needed for the Indian society as promised by the prime minister in 2015 and outlined in the Malaysian Indian Blueprint (MIB).

3. MIC is part of this blueprint with inputs initiated directly under the cabinet committee chaired by the prime minister and headed by Dr S Subramaniam under the executive committee, being the Indian minister in the cabinet from MIC.

However, this committee has others participating from the chief secretary’s office, the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Policy Strategies Department and goes down to the Special Unit Program for Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community (Sedic) for its implementation with the director-general, advisory board and more. So do not make assumption before even its implementation that it is given to MIC as hundreds of people had been a part of this MIB.

4. Even though the MIC president is chairing the exco, there are other departments involved in walking through the process which needs approval from the Cabinet Committee, then Sedic’s special unit, then to the director-general which consists of strategy and stakeholders management. Therefore, how the funds for a project is being handed out is being tracked and monitored. So stop always blaming and complaining.

5. Yes, in 1974 there was a Indian blueprint initiated, but we do not know why it has never taken off, only the leaders from that era could give an explanation. My advice is to stop talking about 30 or 40 years story and look into the brighter side of the MIB today, which it will accomplish the requirements for BI40 and overall for the Indian society.

As the prime minister had said, this is not “Veti pechi” as the opposition is doing but this is “Nijam” a blueprint prepared by the prime minister himself taking the well-being of the Indian society to his heart. Stop bickering and work together if you Indians from the opposition want to see success in our society.

I am not saying this is the perfect blueprint it will be prone to weaknesses which the implementors have to addressed it during its implementation phase. We the society should become the watchdog for its successful implementation rather than shooting it down with all types of accusations.

The opposition can say whatever they want, but till today even 13th general election manifesto for Selangor and Penang has not been done and carried out as promised. There is already more than RM1 billion allocated in this blueprint for a start, go through the presentation properly to understand what is entailed in the MIB, because this is how the opposition will confuse and hoodwink the Indians for their benefits with half-cooked information.

Definitely a time period is required for its implementation phase by phase to see how the initiatives and targets are being meet. Does the opposition propose a blanket approval to one organisation without a plan? Come on guys, we know how the system works and we have seen the development and success under the present prime minister from 2009 till today.

It is time for the Indians to wake up, don’t be hoodwinked by some unscrupulous people who are always good in giving fake news and false information for their political benefits.

Agreed, Indian must wake up and this time around reject Pakatan Rakyat (DAP, PKR) who are not doing anything good for the people but full of complaints, excuses and blame.

A CHANDRAKUMANAN is Pertubuhan Aduan Rakyat (PAR) Malaysia president.


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