The Malay/Muslim community will be celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri soon.

Young children are the most excited lot as they anticipate wearing new clothes and receiving money.

Of course the older kids rejoice as it marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting is particularly trying for first timers.

Meanwhile for adults the coming Eid Mubarak is an opportunity to meet up with family members and relatives.

As Malaysians look forward to the Raya celebrations and long holiday, everyone should reflect on the peace and harmony this country continues to enjoy.

Yet in these past six months there have been some unsavoury reports on religious tolerance in Malaysia.

Most of these reports stem from the inexplicable disappearance of several religious figures late last year.

The absence of tangible evidence and rational explanation behind these disappearances has led to some quarters accusing the government/ authorities of possibly being involved.

Under the circumstances it is understandable for frustration to arise among family members and for them to begin dishing out allegations to fill the information vacuum.

Aggravating the situation are foreign elements also insinuating that the missing pastors were state-sanctioned abductions.

Such accusations should be tempered as to avoid any untoward incident from happening.

Malaysia’s religious harmony among its multi-ethnic groups is somewhat rare in many other countries today.

This is possible simply because Malaysia’s leadership and the majority of Muslims in this country strive to accommodate the other religious groups.

Notably there are religious holidays for Buddhists, Hindus and Christians and places of worship respectively.

If this isn’t religious tolerance then there is a need to rethink what it is.

Perhaps when we looks towards Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines then only will one appreciate the level of tolerance that is practised in Malaysia.


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