STRANGELY, despite what one might say about the ‘conditions’ in Malaysia, it is important to point out that we live in a relatively good country.‎

Of course, we could be better, but I suggest for us to take a step back and see what we have as Malaysia celebrates its 59th National Day tomorrow.

Underneath all the propagandas, personal attacks and abuses thrown among the politicians in our country, Malaysia has and will remain strong.

Looking ahead, I think it is prudent for us to carefully scrutinise the state of our nation as well as the leaders we have, be it from the government or opposition.

With the global economy in recession as well as the threats from extremist militant groups, it is vital that the leadership of the country is not chosen based on sentiments or half-truths.

Not just that, the choice of leaders should not be determined by who is more popular or who says the right things.

It should be based on who carried out the right actions in time of crisis. It should be about who kept a steady hand navigating the country through a harsh and challenging world.

When choices that are made based on this important factors, it is clear which ‘side’ is more able to ‘take the wheels’ of this country and move forward.








While former cabinet minister Zaid Ibrahim opined that Malaysia may need to have a new type of government and a new set of political leaders, I digress.

We do not need all these. What we need is to get rid of the ‘bad apples’.

Those who spew lies after lies just to win elections. Those who distort facts in order to make the government look bad.

Has Zaid forgotten he was part of the government? What did he do then?

Although I am perfectly aware I was never part of the government, I did not have the audacity to suggest Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to ‘wake up as a new person’ and apologise to the nation for 1MDB.

Didn’t Najib called for an investigation into 1MDB? Didn’t the board of that controversial company were asked to resign. Didn’t the government came up with a rationalisation plan?

This is what I meant when I said the country needs leaders who do the right things, not just play to the gallery.

Malaysia needs a government of action, one who walks the talk and able to carry whatever reforms it needs in order to move forward.

Not only that, for a government to function well, they need a strong mandate. A government with a slim majority is a restraint government, always looking over their back at the opposition.

Image via FMT

Looking at all the facts laid on the table, one can clearly see which political coalition offered the better future for Malaysia.

We do not need a government who consist of volatile people who only hurl harsh abuses but zero solutions, who only make empty promises but never take necessary actions.

Malaysia does not need a government filled with internal squabbles, confrontations, hypocritical or one which condone the act of hate-mongering.

What we need is a responsible government and I strongly believe we have that now.


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