Desperate for PM Najib’s removal from office after the upcoming general election, former PM Tun M is trying to convince the people that his comeback will be good for Malaysia. Rather than bickering over differences between the two leaders, focus is more on unseating Najib. Confident of a united, “Alliance of Hope” coalition, Tun M is assuring that a new government which will take care of the country’s interests is imminent.

Can Tun M be trusted again when he announced that his one-time deputy and former adversary, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI), whom he fired 20 years ago, will succeed him as the next PM? Or is it just his empty promise to appease DSAI? Nay. There is a possibility that along the way, Tun M may drop Wan Azizah as his number two in favour of another person to replace him. It is merely a strategy to prevent DSAI from becoming PM.

Tun M’s motive of returning to politics is not really to save Malaysia, but rather to serve his own personal interests. He has his son, Mukhriz, on his mind to replace him and to govern the country in compliance with his desires.

In conclusion, Tun M is using the 1MDB issue to discredit Najib, hoping that it would lead to Najib’s downfall. The dawn of a new era will bring back Mahathirism which will ensure that his family’s interests will be served.


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