Malaysia will not abandon the Bangladeshi government in their efforts to tackle the crisis of Rohingya refugees that have grouped at the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, says Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Najib said Malaysia would do all it could to provide them with humanitarian aid.

“According to the Bangladeshi High Commissioner to Malaysia, about 350,000 Rohingya refugees have escaped to Bangladesh.

“The scale of the catastrophe is massive as there were already 500,000 Rohingya who escaped there earlier,” he told reporters after flagging off the humanitarian mission, ‘My Nation Is Concerned’ at the Subang Air Force Base yesterday.

The 12 tonnes of food aid and other necessities were sent to Chittagong, Bangladesh using two A400M TUDM aircraft.

Najib said a reconnaissance team would also be sent to Dhaka, Bangladesh on Monday to discuss with the Bangladeshi government follow-up action to help ethnic Rohingya refugees at their border.

He said 35 iM4U volunteers would be part of the humanitarian mission.

“We thank the Bangladeshi government for their co-operation in enabling Malaysia to implement this humanitarian mission,” he added.

“We cannot treat it (the Rohingya crisis) lightly because based on reports we received, they are being mercilessly persecuted in the most inhumane manner, he said, adding that the Rohingya were being tortured, killed, raped and subjected to other frightening acts.

Najib said he would also raise the issue of the Rohingya humanitarian crisis in his meeting with United States President, Donald Trump on Tuesday.

“I will raise this issue for his consideration but he (Trump) also has many other challenges on his plate, including tension with North Korea,” he said.

Asked if the Nobel Peace Award given to Myanmar’s First State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi should be withdrawn, Najib said: “That is a separate issue, but the response by the Myanmar government is rather disappointing,” he said.- BERNAMA


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