Ex-PKR member Badrul Hisham Shaharin has lodged a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), alleging that several PKR members were involved in coruption and abuse of power over a controversial sand-mining project in Selangor.

Badrul Hisham, better known as Chegu Bard, led a Malaysian Youth Solidarity Movement (SAMM) group which today submitted a 300-page report on the project to the MACC.

Badrul Hisham claimed several PKR leaders had used unscrupulous means to obtain the tender for the project, while some had attempted to cover up the truth.

Badrul Hisham said these invididuals, who included a PKR assemblyman and a coordinator, had abused their power and position in the Selangor government to collect more than RM500,000 as commision.

“There may be a larger sum at stake but so far, we have only managed to collect evidence on the RM500,000,” he said when met at the MACC headquarters here today.

He said the politicians had used a state government company to approve the sand-mining project.

“Hundreds of thousands of ringgit have been paid out but until now, the project doesn’t exist.

“This is an act of fraud,” he claimed.

He said the report submitted to the MACC consisted of agreement documents, offer letters, photographs, bank transaction documents, police reports and others.

Badrul Hisham claimed that the illegal activity had been going on for about a year. He claimed that matter had been covered up by several key Selangor politicians.

He also claimed that these individuals had used their ill-gotten gains to live a life of luxury.

He urged MACC to investigate the case thoroughly.


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