RAPIDKL and the Land Public Transports Commission (SPAD) need to examine carefully and cautiously their plan to allow cyclists to bring their full-size bicycles inside the Light Rail Transit (LRT).

Recently, RapidKL spokesman said cyclists may soon be able to bring their full-size bicycles on board LRT trains if a decision on the matter is approved by the SPAD.

Though the suggested plan provide happy news for many cyclists and would encourage the public to fully utilized public transport as well as encouraged the public to used bicycles instead or car thus would in long term reduce traffic congestion within the city, but we need also be realistic on the matter.

As we all aware, the space inside the LRT train is not big enough in order to allow passenger to bring in any of big items including a full-size bicycles.

Not to forget, the ever increasing number of LRT passengers from year to year would make the space become more smaller and smaller thus would effect the convenient and even the safety of the passengers on board.

The crowded scenario does not happen within the pick hour like it used to be in the past namely early in the morning when passenger started using LRT in order to go to work and in the late afternoon when everybody started to go back from work.

Those who taken LRT on regularly basis will able to see that the crowded scenario can happen around the clock.

This does not include all the possibility of the slowing down and system breakdown cases  which has happen many times.

All these factors must be clearly been taken into consideration before final decision being made on the matter.

It is better for RapidKL and SPAD to discuss the matter with any relevant experts on public transport safety and conduct more deep research on the matter by taking into account public opinion on it before making final decision.

If the suggested plan being approved, then the public transports provider need to prepared a clear and comprehensive guidelines for cyclist to bring in their bicycle into the LRT in order to ensure and guarantee the convenient and safety of all passengers.


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