Lim Guan Eng will stand trial on January 10 for his corruption case.
This is on top of many issues which the Penang chief minister is currently facing.
Should the rakyat trust Guan Eng?
Should Guan Eng resign from his post?
Let us examine the matter.

What is the current situation?
Lim has been charged for corruption in relation with the conversion of land from
agricultural to residential.
Together with business woman Phang Li Koon, Guan Eng was also charged with
corruption with the purchase of a plot of land and bungalow at Jalan Pinhorn George
Town, Penang at below market value.

A minister should not be involved in a corruption case at all
No matter what people say, a minister should not be involved in a corruption case.
In fact all ministers should not be involved in any corruption case.
Not just ministers, even the rakyat should not be involved in any corruption case.
Even though Lim is yet proven guilty, to be charged in court is already bad enough.
All ministers, deputy ministers and government servants must be clean.
If the government servants are corrupted, how do you expect the rakyat to take you
Lim Guan Eng should just resign.

A waste of public money
The case has been postponed numerous times for about a year due to several appeals
made by Lim.
And in the end, Lim’s appeal was rejected by the courts of appeal.
This case will now go to trial.
This is just a delay tactic used by Lim to slow down the case.
But this is just a waste of time and a waste of public money.

Rakyat’s confidence already eroded
Due to the case, the rakyat’s confidence in Lim and the opposition has already eroded.
This lack of confidence is felt even among the opposition members.
Corruption is a no no as the rakyat will not believe in the leader any more.
It is made worse by Lim evading the subject altogether.
Lim should just resign to restore the rakyat’s confidence in the leadership.

DAP re-election
Some DAP members have long lost their confidence in the DAP.
Part of the lost in confidence was during the party central executive committee re-
Lim and his father Lim Kit Siang have delayed the re-election since 2012.
Nobody knows why there is such a long delay.
DAP also held a special meeting and not a delegates meeting.
The special meeting will not allow delegates to ask questions.
The special meeting will also not discuss financial matters.
Why the cover up Lim?

Lim handled the floods poorly
During the big floods which paralysed Penang earlier this month, every body could see that Lim handled it poorly.
Granted it was a very unusually heavy flood but Lim failed to manage the resources
DAP also did not allow PKR Kebun Bunga assemblyman Cheah Kah Peng from
distributing the RM700 cash aid to each flood victim.
This is bad and will erode the rakyat’s confidence.

Lim also handled the Tanjung Bungah landslide poorly
During the Tanjung Bungah landslide, Lim handled it poorly and also did not listen to
the advice made by the city council.
The council advised Lim not to approved hillside development.
Lim however did not accept responsibility but instead blamed others
Penang Umno chief Rafizal Abd Rahim told the New Straits Times earlier this month
that Lim should be held responsible for the incident.

Lim not focusing on the rakyat 100 percent
Lim is also not focusing 100 percent of his attention for the rakyat.
Malay Mail online reported on December 9 that Lim is chairman to 19 state government
related agenices.
Penang Gerakan has questioned how Lim could balance the workload while ensuring the rakyat’s welfare at the same time.
Lim is not attending the needs of the rakyat by managing too many state firms.

Lim neglects the housing needs of the Bumiputera?
Is Lim neglecting the housing needs of Bumiputeras in Penang?
Penang Umno liaison committee chairman Datuk Seri Zainal Abidin Osman that the
state government was neglecting the housing needs of Bumiputeras in the state.
Penang is a rapidly growing city state and the housing needs of all races need to be looked into.

What does this mean to the rakyat?
The rakyat wants a leader who is clean and not corrupt.
The rakyat will lose faith and confidence in a corrupt leader.
When the leader is doing his or her job well.
The rakyat will be able to focus on working.
His job will help support the economy and provide for his family.


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