KUALA LUMPUR has always been our beloved city and it will continue to make the rakyat happy. This is because Malaysians from all walks of life, work and live in this metropolitan city either to earn a living, make money, do business or just to have a good time.

No matter what the purpose, business or pleasure, it is important to make Kuala Lumpur a vibrant city as this will ensure economic activities continue to sustain and with a lot of economic activities – the rakyat can earn an income and be able to feed their families.

When economic activities sustain, it will be good for the country because when the economy is thriving, the rakyat will be okay, have enough food to eat and be able to live prosperously.

How can the rakyat earn an income? Attract the global companies

Teh Young Khean, Executive Director, Corporate Services, Knight Frank Malaysia said today’s challenging times faced by the oil and gas sector has led many of them renting out their office space.

As a result, we are seeing a bright spot in Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) designated buildings and Cyber Centres which will continue to grow well in Kuala Lumpur as these companies involved in e-Commerce, tech, IT and shared services sectors favour locations such as in Kuala Lumpur,” he said in a statement.


When Kuala Lumpur is thriving, all the foreign technopreneurs will come into Malaysia and this will provide jobs for the rakyat. At IT centers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysians from all walks of life will be able to work as web designers, ICT consultants or a systems analyst. These companies will also have spinoffs.

As an example, a simple small and medium scale enterprise such as a simple (makcik) auntie from the kampung (village) will be able to supply food at the canteen for the workers.

Another Malaysian entrepreneur can supply the IT firm with office stationaries such as pencils, pens and inkjets for the laser computer. So there are many spin off effects for the rakyat when Kuala Lumpur is healthy and well.

Global investors like a clean and beautiful Kuala Lumpur

Knight Frank Malaysia said across the 30 global cities analysed, Kuala Lumpur offers investors the best value, where a prime office building of over 390,000 sq ft could be purchased for US$100 million.

Sarkunan Subramaniam, Managing Director, Knight Frank Malaysia, says, “Kuala Lumpur represents the best value for money across the world, offering the highest yields and the least volatility in the market across the Asia-Pacific region. So that is why the rakyat must keep Kuala Lumpur clean and healthy because when it is in good condition, global investors will come and invest in Malaysia and when they invest, the rakyat will benefit.


As an example, when Permodalan Nasional Berhad buys a stake in a beautiful building, international investor will also come and invest in that building. As a result, the value of the building will increase and there will be more tenants. With more tenants, there will be higher rental payments and with higer rental payments, PNB will be able to pay higher dividends to the rakyat via ASB, Amanah Saham Wawasan and others.

A modern Kuala Lumpur will attract the tourists

It is important to make Kuala Lumpur into a modern city complete with transport infrastructure development such as MRT and LRT which increases the mobility and connectivity throughout Greater Kuala Lumpur.

This transformation gives Kuala Lumpur the edge and represents the best value proposition for any multi-national corporations or investors in the Asia-Pacific region.

So all this augurs well for the rakyat because when Kuala Lumpur is modern, investors will come into the country and they will spend money which will then trickle onto the rakyat. Tourists will come and spend by buying souvenirs and shirts and shoes at Petaling Street or Central Market and this will enable the rakyat to earn an income.

An amazing Kuala Lumpur will attract top companies such as Shell, Mercedes and Ikea

Malaysian real estate in Kuala Lumpur which offers good value will see a number of foreign investors continuing to show interests in the market.

“Additionally, Chinese investors are continuing to look at development opportunities, while US private equity groups have also been looking for value in the Kuala Lumpur market.

“Looking forward, the attractive yields, weak ringgit and the long-term growth prospects will continue to ensure foreign interest in Malaysian real estate.”

When Kuala Lumpur is modern and well equipped, top companies such as Shell, Mercedes and Ikea will come to set up headquarters in Kuala Lumpur and this will provide jobs for the rakyat.


These companies also pay taxes to the government and the government can pass the profit to the rakyat by building schools, roads, subsidise medicine and subsidise school books. Datuk Zainal Amanshah, Chief Executive Officer, InvestKL Malaysia, echoes that Kuala Lumpur today has several business hubs for investors to choose from.

He said as at 2015, InvestKL has attracted 51 multinational corporations with committed investments of US$1.4bn (RM5.9 billion) and created more than 7,000 high skilled job opportunities for Malaysians.

Nik Haikal Nik Ibrahim is an independent analyst and Malaysian Access reader. Article written is strictly his personal view. Malaysian Access does not necessarily endorse the opinions given by any third party content provider.


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