An alternative land has been provided to compensate the demolition of Sri Sakti Sri Sinna Karuppar Aalayam temple in Johor by the government. Johor MIC chairperson M Asojan stated the government had gazette a one-acre piece of land for non-Muslim places of worship.

The next step will require the administration of the temple to submit the required paperwork in ensuring a clear and through transaction between both parties. With the help of MIC representatives, the alternative land will be attainable for the new temple’s future construction.

Cooperation between MIC and the temple’s management in completing the paperwork with fasten the process. It is made clear the importance to submit a through application is important as where to land matters are involved. With MIC being the right channel, temple’s management need to gather all the information for submission.

Masai Temple issues are currently being resolved according to procedure and will require management cooperation in ensuring its success.


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