house renovation

WEEKEND and public holiday is the moment where most of people trying to have their rest and enjoy their day with the love one.

It would be very sad and highly frustrated when what suppose to be a restful and joyful moment being spoil by anything which includes house renovation by one’s own neighbor.

Can you imagine your suppose to be peaceful weekend and public holiday moment inside your own house being spoil by all the sound of drilling and jack-hammering activities from morning until late evening which come from your next door neighbor house?

All the noise which come from the renovation process not only disturbing, annoying and practically destroy our peaceful weekend and holiday but if such renovation process go on for weeks and months, it would even effect our own health.

Such activities also can also seriously disturb and harm families with young children and elders.

Of course, our neighbor have their right to do renovation for their own house.

But does such rights extend to do all the renovation works during weekend and public holiday?

Our City and Municipality Council must examine the matter seriously and inform the public about the guidelines and policies on house renovation process.

It is also important for them to issue similar instructions to all contractors especially about the permitted working period for them to carry out the house renovation activity.

Everybody have the right to peaceful within our own house and enjoy the short moment of weekend and public holiday after long stressful days of work in office during the weekday.

What is needed here is the ability to be more respectful, tolerance and understanding towards our own neighbor who trying to utilize their weekend and holidays to regain back all the energy lost throughout the working days.


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