Grace Lam

Over the years Malaysia has had its fair share of bad press. There’s the inexplicable disappearance of flight MH370, the shooting down of MH17 in Ukraine and the international investigations into infamous state fund 1Malaysia Development Berhad among others.

Recently Zlisted Hong Kong actress Grace Lam had unwittingly smeared Malaysia in her pursuit to personally gain cheap publicity. Unfortunately it was at the expense of Malaysia’s international image. Grace Lam has somewhat ‘cleared’ the air about the staged robbery in her now defunct Facebook page. Nevertheless it has certainly left a bad taste in Malaysians mouth as security is no laughing matter.

Yes, snatch thefts continues to be a serious problem in the country with authorities calling on the public to be vigilant at all times particularly the women. In fact Malaysia’s Royal Police Force (PDRM) had issue a statement in May 2017 acknowledging that snatch theft is on the rise in Kuala Lumpur. It goes without saying that while authorities endeavour to do their best the public must also play their part. Grace Lam stupid prank had inevitably highlighted Malaysia’s weakness and to some extent marred its reputation as a tourist destination. Yet it remains a popular place to visit in the region and among the safest spot. For this Malaysians have the PDRM to thank for.

With terrorists attacks occurring in neighboring Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines PDRM pride itself in keeping citizens, visitors and the country safe. Malaysians are undoubtedly grateful that terrorism activities have been kept at bay for now.  There are calls to bar Grace Lam from ever entering Malaysia again. Such actions are prudent as to ensure that tourists are respectful of this country and its people. The likes of Grace Lam need not be allowed into this country simply to disgrace it.


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