Felda is prepared to take all forms of action to regain ownership of the land, estimated at RM270 million, in Jalan Semarak Land here, its chairman Shahrir Abdul Samad said.

Shahrir said apart from the police report lodged on Dec 12, other actions taken were registering a caveat on the land, revoking the power of attorney issued and taking civil action against the parties involved.

He said the Prime Minister’s Department’s Regularity Unit would appoint an independent auditor to initiate an internal inquiry into the whole issue.

“We expect an investigation to commence as early as January,” he told a press conference at Felda headquarters today, which was also attended by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Razali Ibrahim and Prime Minister’s Department deputy secretary-general Zainal Abidin Abu Hassan.

The press conference was held following media reports that Felda was at risk of losing rights to the land located in the strategic Jalan Semarak area following a dubious land transfer.

Asked about the gist of the police report, Shahrir said the company holding the power of attorney on the land was named but the name of former Felda chairman Mohd Isa Samad was not mentioned.

“We lodged a police report as we feared it was a fraudulent land deal,” he said adding that it was strange how ownership of the land, which belonged to a government institution, could be transferred so easily.

Shahrir said development projects involving government-owned land and government agencies would normally only involve the transfer of the strata title, not ownership of the whole property.

He disclosed that as the PA holder (authorisation to represent), the company was found to have sold the land to itself.

“The company sold the land to itself at the said value, but no one from Felda signed the document (sales purchase agreement),” he said.

Shahrir said the measures taken by Felda since January to April were upon the advice of the Attorney-General’s Chambers, and Prime Minister Najib Razak was briefed on the case in February.

He revealed that the ownership of the land, based on four sales and purchase agreements worth RM269.78 million and involving 6.57 hectares in Jalan Semarak, were transferred between 2015 and 2016.

He said to date, the company had not received any payments and the Felda board of directors was also not informed of the transfer of ownership.

“We hear it involved millions of ringgit, but we have not received anything. Not even one sen,” he said, adding that the company was summoned as soon as the management and administration received news of the case.

Asked whether Felda was willing to accept the proceeds of land sales if it failed in the negotiation process with the company, Shahrir said Felda was not interested in the money as the priority was to get back ownership of the land.-BERNAMA


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