After keeping mum since being released from jail, Nur Farahanis Ezzaty Adli, infamous for her illegal dental practice, has finally come forth to apologise for her actions.

“With humility and regret, I want to apologise to all parties especially the Ministry of Health (MOH) and all medical practitioners especially dentists.

“The reason I kept quiet all this while was not to run away from the problem, but to reflect on the wrong that I did. There was also a misunderstanding about a video that was uploaded recently,” she clarified.

Nur Farahanis made the public apology through Harian Metro after two weeks of being criticised by netizens, especially medical practitioners, as she seemed to have shown no remorse for her actions.

The 20-year-old better known as Nara, had pleaded guilty for running a private dental clinic that was not registered under Section 27 of the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act 1998 (Act 586).

She was charged on September 29 and fined RM70,000, which she was unable to pay, and was then sentenced to jail.

Nara said her six-day experience in jail was enough to make her regret her decision.

“On the video that I uploaded on social media that was widely speculated on, I want to clarify that it was a video that I took in February and was not taken after I was released from jail.

“I honestly regret everything that had happened and I apologise to everyone. I know what I did has hurt the MOH and other non-governmental organisations (NGO).

“I want to stress that Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) and Pertubuhan Penggerak Ekonomi Islam Malaysia (PEMA) only gave me legal advice,” she said.

She also refuted the claim that PPIM and PEMA paid her RM70,000 fine.

She said the money for the fine was collected from family members, friends, relatives and private individuals without involving PPIM and PEMA.

“What happened is truly a big lesson for me. I will continue my life by making a living through better and legal means,” she stated.

Meanwhile, PEMA president Zamri Zaimon told the local daily that too many speculations were made and misunderstandings by some parties that affected the relationship between NGOs and government agencies, and hoped Naras’ apology will clear the air.

“I feel that Nara’s explanation can smooth everything out. Her explanation also proved that there are public allegations that were not true and misconstrued,” he said when contacted by Harian Metro.-MD


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