With their eyes focused on the upcoming general election which is to held in less than a year from now, Pakatan Harapan (PH) recently announced the alliance’s new structure including its top leaders. Surprisingly or not, all the parties in PH agreed for Tun Dr. Mahathir to lead the alliance. Who would have thought that Tun Dr. Mahathir really get to be a ‘top dog’ again even at his age. PH also announced their plan of action once Putrajaya is in the alliance’s grasp. Among them are to do away with GST and to stabilize the oil prices.

GST and oil prices are PH’s favourite issues for them to exploit for their political milage. We seldom hear oppositions in other 180 plus countries in the world with GST or VAT use the tax as political agendas. And some of the countries have GST as high as 25 percent. On GST, the government collected some RM27 billion in 2015 and some RM41 billion in 2016. The collection has enable the government to compensate the decline of dividend from Petronas due to low oil prices and help finance further development in the country. With that kind of fund collected from GST, are we confident that PH will obliterate the tax to dust once they are in power.

Pray tell where would the alliance going to get the billions for its annual expenses without GST? Sell lands like what DAP do in Penang? Its idealistic vs realistic at play here. Again, we keep on hearing certain leaders in PH such Nurul Izzah saying that PH would not totally scrap GST, just putting the tax at zero percent. So which one is it, scrap it away or zero percent? It is confusing the people. Because those two are totally diferent. Scrapping it would mean that there will be no GST charge in any good and services in the country. But at zero percent, there will be a possibility of a hike in the tax in the future.

Lets look at PH’s promise to stabilize oil prices. Kind of funny dont you think when the goverment has been trying to be as transparent as possible with the current system of weekly annoucement of oil prices. We have been having low oil prices for quite a while, in line with global prices that remain low at around US$44-45 per barrel. The question is, is the oil prices at the pump not stable now? It is mind boggling how PH going to fulfill its promise on this issue. With the new system, people like Rafizi cannot keep on lying to the people like before when he said that oil prices will at RM2.70 in June 2017.

To sum up on both issues, PH promises are mainly to confuse the people. Those are all empty hopes and political rhetoric to gain support from the people. Plenty of promises have been given by them in states governed by them. DAP’s promise to scrap a 50 cent toll in Penang was left in the wind. And that’s merely a few millions of collection. What would DAP do if they can get their hands on billions from GST. Are we so naive to believe that they will do away with it? Think again.

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