It was supposed to be a ‘no holds barred’ event but Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad appeared to have evaded from giving direct answers to several questions posed mainly Anwar’s sodomy case at the Nothing To Hide 2.0 forum today.

Two questions on the jailing of Pakatan Harapan leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy in 1998, and if Dr Mahathir was agreeable to have a convicted person as prime minister.

Political activist Fariz Hadi, 32, said he wanted to know if Anwar was jailed because he had committed the offence, or politically motivated.

“If it was true that he (Anwar) was guilty of sodomy, he is a convicted felon. How can Pakatan Harapan make a prisoner as prime minister?

“So, I want to know if Datuk Seri Anwar was indeed guilty, or if he was jailed as a victim of Dr Mahathir’s political greed? I am asking this on behalf of all Malaysians because for long we had been arguing about this,” he asked.

Dr Mahathir said the focus (of Pakatan Harapan) today was on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, and that the jailing of Anwar was “a matter of the past”.

“Whether he becomes prime minister or not, if the ‘rakyat’ wants him to be the prime minister, then they have the right to elect him.

“If the majority wants Anwar, we need to accept. MAtters of the past will only divide us. If we want to win, we need to unite and do not question any issues among us, but focus on our objective which is to topple Najib-led government.”

Fariz later wanted to know about the sodomy case against Anwar, but was disappointed when Dr Mahathir did not provide one.




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