PAS will not win any seats at the next polls because the party is on its own, says PPBM chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who launched yet another stinging attack on the Islamist party’s president, Abdul Hadi Awang.

He said this was the case in the past, when the party only had one seat in Parliment.

He said this scenario was something Hadi was aware of, and as such he decided to join hands with Najib Razak to split opposition votes.

“He is going to help Najib win by splitting the votes. That is not very Islamic and in Malay, we call it ‘pengkhianat’ (traitor).

“He is going to contest knowing that he will lose but he is going in to split votes so that Najib can win,” he said at the launch of the “Harapanbaru: Policy Talks”, a series of dialogues to be held weekly at the Perdana Leadership Foundation here.

Dr Mahathir said even when PAS was part of Barisan Nasional, the party had never won more than 11 seats.

PAS’s biggest share of the Dewan Rakyat was in 1999, against a backdrop of Malay anger over Mahathir’s dramatic sacking of Anwar Ibrahim a year earlier.

In the next elections in 2004, the party won only seven seats.

Following its electoral understanding with DAP and PKR, the party won 23 seats in 2008 and 21 in 2013.

Working with ‘kafir’

Mahathir today launched a stinging attack on Hadi, saying the PAS veteran was not cooperating with Umno leaders whom he once called “kafir” (infidel).

“Najib is kafir (infidel), according to PAS. And according to them when you work with a kafir, you also become kafir.

“Now he is working with a kafir, and at one time with DAP. Hadi is kafering himself,” he said.

PAS has said it is ready to face three or four-cornered contests for 130 Parliamentary seats.

The party is not part of Pakatan Harapan, the four-party opposition chaired by Dr Mahathir.

Instead, PAS said it would work with Malaysia National Alliance (Ikatan), a party headed by former minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir.



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