The rakyat should not be fooled by the opposition. Every general elections, they will always make up stories. The opposition will lie most of the time to win votes.
What are some of their lies?
Let us take a look.

Lynas rare earth plant issue
Remember the Lynas rare plant issue during the 13th general elections?
The opposition claimed that the plant was dangerous to the rakyat.
This is despite the International Atomic Energy Agency certifying it safe.
Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the issue has now gone quiet.
Speaking in Tanjung Malim on February 5, Datuk Seri Najib said the opposition is always lying.
So the rakyat should not be duped with their lies.

Black out at polling station
Another lie by the opposition is the black out at a polling station during the 13th general elections.
Datuk Seri Najib said this is another lie as there were no such blackouts.
And the polling center was bright as it was only 5pm.
So don’t be fooled by the opposition as they are all lies.

Bangladeshi voters flown in
The opposition also slandered the government when they said 20,000 Bangladeshis were being transported into the
country by airplanes.
They are here to vote for Barisan Nasional during the 13th general elections.
No such thing happened.
It was proven to be a lie.

Redelineation does not benefit BN alone
The opposition also claim that BN is behind the redelineation exercise.
The redelineation would enable BN to win more votes at the upcoming 14th general elections.
This is not true at all.
The redelineation is carried out due to the growing population.
The new voters need to be relocated at new polling stations.
Thus that is why the redelineation exercise is being carried out.
It’s not all about helping Umno.
Besides, redelineation would help the opposition as well.

Opposition like to hurl slander
Opposition member Rafizi Ramli once posted a picture of luxury cars outside a convention center.
They were attending an Asean miniterial meeting.
In his posting, Rafizi said the government is living a luxury life while the rakyat suffer.
Turns out later that the BMW cars were all sponsored by BMW.
So Rafizi slandered the government.
So the rakyat should not be duped by the opposition.

Opposition like to make scare stories
The opposition always tell scare stories to the rakyat.
These include stories such as the BN-led government is going bankrupt.
They also tell stories that the economy is collapsing.
This is not true at all.
The BN-led government is strong and solid than ever.

Opposition also like to make fake stories
The opposition also like to make fake stories.
As an example, the opposition claimed that the government will increase the GST.
The opposition claimed that the GST will be increased to 10 percent from the current 6 percent.
Datuk Seri Najib already said that this is not true at all.

BN formulating new law to curb fake news
To build credibility and to counter fake news, the government is passing a new law.
This law is meant to counter fake news.
Pas vice president Datuk Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said the move was positive.
Nik Abdullah said on February 1 after Kelantan’s exco meeting, fake news could create tensions in society.
He added even Islam prohibits the dissemination of fake news.

Always trust BN news sources
The rakyat must not believe in all the fake stories.
They should check and double check to verify the authenticity of the news.
The rakyat should believe credible sources such as the police, the ministry, the minister.
The rakyat should also believe mainstream media.
This include RTM, TV3, Bernama, Berita Harian, the New Straits Times, The Star and others.
The rakyat should not believe in any news cooked up by the fake portals.

Impact to the rakyat
The rakyat must be wise and not believe totally the fake news and slander hurled by the opposition.
The rakyat must always check with credible sources on the authenticity of the news.
The rakyat must always do this because their future is at stake.
If the rakyat choose to believe the fake news, a fake government might be in power.
And by then it would be too late.
Check and verify the news first before.
Don’t believe in anything that you read.
The rakyat will suffer if they believe in fake news.


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