Democracy is said to be on the downslide in Malaysia. But how true is this? As a matter of fact, the country has been enjoying freedom since independence. Can we not realize how Malaysians from various races and creeds can live together in harmony and how the country has progressed steadily, compared to its neighbours?

Of course, Islam strongly advocates freedom and recognizes individual rights. It also encourages economic development for the rakyat’s benefit. No one can be denied his or her freedom, as long as It does not contravene Islamic principles.

It seems that AMANAH is viewing the present Government as not being fully committed to the cause of democracy in ensuring political stability. Just to make it clear that the Government has inculcated Islamic values in efforts to promote democracy to ensure that individual rights regardless of race and belief are not infringed upon. Then, has not the rakyat appreciated democracy which can be proved to be far better than other countries where the people are suffering? Should they not be grateful to the Government?

In conclusion, AMANAH wants to show that unlike its adversary PAS, it is championing the cause of Islam and democracy. It is a strategy to lure the people’s support, especially from among the Malays. It is using democracy as a tool in order to convince that it is the alternative to PAS.


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